LCB Metals & Glass  Since 1993

Although our glass line has included many different styles and jewelry categories, the current line of merchandise available for wholesale purchase, directly from the LCB Headquarters or through a sales representative, consists of glass earrings and pendants, Pure Silver earrings and pendants, (that's 99.99% pure silver), and our most popular line of Bronze earrings and pendants, some of which are available by special order.  Otherwise, peruse the earrings and pendants for a selection to add to your store's inventory. Remember, since our items can come in so many color combinations, a number that would impress Carl Sagan, try to decide on a personal color palette that works best for you, and then request items in that palette. We really don't know how many colors we can do, and we have an excellent track record for choosing colors that work well with retail customers. Besides, we promise to send you only the pieces that will be successful, or all is forgiven. Prices are retail.


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