LCB Metals & Glass Since 1993

Contact. What a two-edged sword, huh? We've all had it happen sometime. The phone rings, and it's a beloved family member. No, it's a telemarketer. The mailman comes, and it's a tax refund check. No, it's a property tax bill. Then there's e-mail. I recently received an offer via e-mail to buy acreage on the moon, (only $29.95!) and that example represents the good half of the format I am using here. I'm sure you can fill in the other half from your own in-box. Well, I am all for contact, but I want to keep it within the boundaries of the aforementioned good half. Therefore, I would very much enjoy hearing from you unless you are a telemarketer, a deliverer of property tax bills, or are one of those spam servers. I promise to return the courtesy and not be any of those things. I'm not fussy about how you contact me, so just pick from the following list of convenient possibilities---

Voice--- 802-885-9225
Fax--- 866-445-4710 Toll Free
Snail Mail--- LCB Metals & Glass PO Box 557 Springfield Vermont 05156
Carrier Pigeon--- 43 18' N, 72 29' W
Kate Smith---Put your head out the window and bellow. I bet I'll hear you. 
Of course, there is always e-mail. I promise to be polite.


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