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These styles are done in Sterling silver, some with bead, crystal and pearl accents. Pick your style and choose your color preference. This line is still expanding, so stay tuned.

Item #1301 $9/pair Retail 1" high solid design. It is the perfect conservative design. No moving parts on this style because the earwire is part of the stem holding the glass beads, making it more sturdy. Choose your favorite colors. Item #1303  $11/pair Retail  1 3/8" high x  1/2" wide classic teardrop design with glass bead in the color of your choice. Very light in weight with handmade our Sterling earwires.  All colors are available. Item #1304  $11/pair Retail   1 3/8" high. A simple drop earring with a brilliant effect. The long Sterling bead at the top leads to a beautiful Swarovski crystal near  the bottom, your choice of color. Maximum elegance at a very affordable price. Item #1308  $17/pair Retail 1 3/8" high. The top Swarovski crystal is just the preparation for the beautiful pearl below it. Crystal color is open for choice. Pearls? Well, they are lovely in their natural color and high quality. Sterling metal, including the earwire.


  Item #1314  $13/pair Retail  1 1/2" high. You will find no earwires on this one; they are built into the design. Don't count on much movement with this one. How you look when you put them on is exactly the way you will look for the  day. They are a perfect design for consistency. Ask for most any color. Item #1320  $17/pair Retail   1 1/2" high x  3/8" wide. Long thin design for just the right wearer. The bottom features the swirl-around similar to the 1865 glass earring, but it is much smaller and tighter. Inside is a glass or Austrian crystal bead. Color is no object; we can do any color from the chart.  

Item #1336  $17/pair Retail  1 5/8" high x   3/8" wide.  Treble clef earrings are perfect for the music enthusiasts amongst us, a timeless design. The bottom dangle, which is optional, holds an Austrian crystal bead or glass bead, in any color you wish.

Item #2338  $11/pair Retail 1 3/8" high x 3/8" wide. A heavier gauge wire makes this choice  perfect for those who would rather have a glass bead at the bottom instead of the semi precious stone. The teardrop design is a universal one, and the Sterling metal will last a lifetime. A conservative design for all ages.


Item #1401 $13/pair Retail 1 5/8" H and 1/2" wide. How simple could it get? A beautiful swoop containing nothing but Sterling silver. No need to coordinate with wardrobe. Silver matches with most everything!

Item #1411 $17/pair Retail 1 1/2" high and 1/2" wide. The treble clef fans may like this one better than the 1336 with the bead at the bottom. A bit larger and in heavier gauge metal.

Item #1434 $17/pair Retail 1 3/4" High x 1/2" wide. The swirls of water. Sort of reminds me of the ocean tides. Solid Sterling design including the hand made earwires. This cool design is dapped for an additional dimension.

Item #1435 $19/pair Retail 1 3/8" high x 5/8" wide. If 1434 is a tide, 1435 is a whirlpool. This is a mesmerizing design with a glass bead in the center. Any color from our palette can be done on this one. All Sterling wirework.


Item #1416 $21/pair Retail 1½” high x 5/8” wide. Pick your favorite duo. Bert and Ernie, or Abbott and Costello.  Martin and Lewis, no wait, Penn and Teller. It’s them! Just look hard enough. This light hearted design can be worn with anything, but goes best with a sense of humor. 

Item #1431  $19/pair Retail Almost 2” long and ¾” across at the widest point. Very light in weight and plenty of movement for a solid piece. What does it resemble? Well, I just don’t know. It must be one of those “eye of the beholder” things. All Sterling silver.


Item #2310 $19/pair Retail 1¼" long and ¾" high. This one is another of our no earwire styles, which is known to work very complimentarily with hair and clothing. The alternative shape makes an interesting impact when worn. The accents and wires are all Sterling and guaranteed, as are all LCB items. Item #2424 $23/pair Retail 1¾" high and 5/8" wide. Heart shapes have always fit into any jewelry collection, and these are sure to please. The bead at the bottom can be in most any color you like, or can be left off the dangle completely. The piece moves well with two hinged locations. All Sterling silver.

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