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LCBM&G sells it's own designed and created art-glass earrings, pins and pendants by wholesale purchase and through rental space in gift stores. We also set up occasional, temporary kiosks located at various art festivals and malls throughout the Northeast for retail sales. We utilize, and are always looking for, sales representatives to do personal contact business in their home region, wholesale and retail, including the professional traveling salesperson as well as the more limited, part-time event organizer. And of course, direct retail mail order via the Internet is a growing part of our distribution. We invite you to contact us and inquire as to how we may do some wholesale or retail business together.


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LCBM&G began as a wirework-only jewelry operation in 1985. Sterling silver and 14K gold filled wire were used to create fabricated earrings, rings and bracelets in many different styles, some of which we still make and sell at retail outlets today. As tastes in jewelry began to shift toward more colorful and bright themes however, (and since silver and gold tend to stay boringly consistent in color to work with!), we began to incorporate the Sterling and gold into heat-fused glass designs in 1993. Now, we use transparent, translucent, iridescent, opaque and dichroic glass in our designs, and with the addition of precious metals, beautiful jewelry pieces are rendered that will last the wearer a lifetime.

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LCBM&G is truly a cottage industry. We even own a cottage. We live and work on the same premises, and all members of the household participate. (Check out our Staff.) All metal and glass materials begin in wire, sheet or rod form, and then are cut, worked and assembled by us, in-house, which enables us to have as much control over all design and production features as the raw materials allow. The finished jewelry is annealed after production to assure lifetime durability. Our glass pieces are really a series of individually made creations, and when we find a style and color combination that work well, we duplicate it as closely as possible in construction in subsequent batches. This way, we can offer handmade, originally crafted designs in larger amounts, but with each piece retaining it's own unique look within the boundaries of it's design parameters. There are still some oddities that come from this method, though. We deal with them as best we can, sometimes to the profit of certain customers.

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Simply e-mail us, call or send a fax. Tell us what you are interested in. You can request an item as you see it on these pages, but these items are only a guide to our ever-changing line. If you have wholesale or sales representative inquiries, please send your message anytime. If you are a store owner or a buyer for a store and would like to make our merchandise a part of your store's regular inventory, please inquire. Or, if you would like to trade favorite animal stories, that's good too! But for whatever reason you write, you will find our jewelry line to be quality merchandise in both materials and workmanship that you and your customers will enjoy. All items are fully guaranteed or returnable. The only metals used are Sterling silver, (.925), or 14K gold filled, including ear wires and all bead accents. We never use nickel or any plated metals. We utilize about ten different transparent  colors of glass in our designs, which represent most of the major colors in the spectrum, and around ten dichroic colors.  Many of our pieces, when viewed under differing kinds of light, will reflect a different color variation, and can lend themselves to the color of the clothing with which they are worn. For more on this, see the Dichroics page. Use any of the contact methods you see below for a quick response. I look forward to communicating with you!





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