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I really like pendants. They don't require any installation work like pierced earrings do. If you have a neck, you qualify as a pendant wearer. Over the years, lots of things have been used as pendants, and some end up functioning as such even though they have no real adornment properties. A soldier's dog tags, a jogger's keys, a coach's whistle and a doctor's stethoscope all seem to take up residence around the neck. It seems that pendants were destined to come along, one way or another. Not to sound even the least bit biased, I have to say I like these glass pendants better. They don't identify, unlock, screech, or hear anything, but they are desirable nonetheless. The colors are pretty and passersby go "Ohhhh...." when they see them. Dog tags won't do that. Not even for an actual dog, and dogs are really cute. Click on a page number to the left and you will certainly see what I mean.  Some of our earrings can be done singularly as pendants, if that is where your thoughts take you. And while browsing, keep in mind that  prices are always retail.