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Pretty cool, huh? This is the beginning of LCB's Enhanced line of bronze. Last year, the Bronze Earrings and pendants made a big impression on our retail outlets, and this year, the Enhanced line is doing it again. Currently, there is no difference in price for these, and we are expanding our production of both earrings and pendants in the series. Retail price has been doing well in the $18 range, according to stores. Call for wholesale orders, and don't forget the Pure Silver collections. Earwires are all 14KGF. Free faux suede cord on pendants.

2009E 2129E 2130E 2131E


2132E 2133E 2134E 2138E


2139E 2141E 2142E 2143E


2144E 2010E 2146E 2147E


2148E 2011E 2152E 2153E


2156E 2157E 2160E 2012E


2164E 2013E 2168E 2169E

Enhanced Bronze Pendants

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