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Abouts can be very interesting, in that they give you information on things you never asked for, but might be happy to know. They are also good for this site, because they can inform to a certain degree while not rising to the level of a college course. There should be more of these Abouts in the world in my view, like when you buy certain food items or a car, things that we all need. But now that I think about it, I would invite them on other items, kangaroos and kleptomaniacs, neither of which I have ever shopped for. You just never know when information can come in handy. These Abouts are not exhaustive by any means, and might not fare well against the interrogative 60 Minutes crew, but they still function as an informative promotional tool. They can be fun too. Not only that, these Abouts are free of charge, which are the best kind, I warrant. And, if they make you a bit more knowledgeable about what you buy in the given category, here or elsewhere, well, you are just that much better off. Here is a list of Abouts for your entertainment.


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