LCB Metals & Glass Since 1993

I must confess, I am only one person, so I can't be everywhere at once. Even if I could, there are probably some places I wouldn't really want to be, and my super power would become a super pain. I have come to grips with my limitations. For that reason, I would like to hire experienced, professional sales representation to work for my line in other parts of the USA. Some people are just good with things that would come in very handy while introducing my items to people---talking, smiling, demonstrating the function and beauty of jewelry, and the like. These are exactly the qualities I am looking for in a road representative. My rep must be able to establish a home territory with friendly, dependable accounts and utilize fluid communication skills with store owners or their buyers. E-mail and fax use is a must. Gift, apparel or accessories trade show experience is a plus. Some territories are already covered, but it's a big country; plenty of space is left. I provide an attractive display of sample pieces to show accounts, and I pay my reps a percentage of all orders they originate every month. Please e-mail or fax your résumé to (866) 445-4710 toll-free. I'll provide a small wardrobe of demo earrings if you promise to wear them while you're out selling. If you are not the glass earring type due to gender or preference, well, I understand.