LCB Metals & Glass Since 1993

LCB Metals & Glass was conceived in January 1985, as LCB Products. In May 1993, we became LCB Metals & Glass when glass material was introduced to our already existing silver and gold jewelry line. We were not the first, and definitely not the only LCB, as we have learned over the years, despite the fact that we never heard of anything else called by that name prior to 1985. What do the letters mean? In our case, it's an alphabetic way to refer to the name of our wholesale line, "Elsie B". To some of our customers, it has been thought of as sounding like the name of an auto body shop or a window construction company. It could be simply initials standing for something, (the Liquor Control Board or the Lord's Coming Back have been suggested). In  actuality, LCB has already been used as all those things and even more.

Original it isn't, although we are still the only LCB Metals & Glass. The three letters can refer to the peoples' names, companies' names, organizations, legislative bodies, machine parts, software, inventions, schools, bugs, and so on, by which each is formally known. Below is a partial and current list of people, places and things that have chosen to shorten their title down to LCB, as they exist today. If you are, or represent, or are from any of these places, and would like a link from here to your website, just e-mail me. I considered putting the list in alphabetical order, but thought better of it later. I mean, really, they all start with L, right? Close enough.


Lad Christian Broadcasters Liquid Calibration Baths Lake Champlain Basin
Leigh Cunningham Band Lake Champlain Bikeway Lower Compton Bay
Lost Coast Brewery Low Country Barbecue Lawrence C Becker
Leominster Colonial Band Lower Class Brats Loyola College Bookstore
Ledigen Club Bruck Louie Cruz Beltran Lectura Creyente de la Biblia
"Last Call for Betty" Lake City Bank Littleton Community Band
Lancaster County Barns Le Ciel Bleu Luxury Chauffeur Business
Linear Current Booster Level Crossing BBS Large Capacity Blender
LaFayette Citizens Band London Convention Bureau Local Capacity Building
Linnaeus Centre for Bioinformatics Louisiana Center for the Blind Lundquist College of Business
Lansing Concert Band Language & Culture for Business Liga dos Clubes de Basquetebol
London Citadel Band Lancashire Cricket Board Liquor Control Board (PA or WA)
Literature, Cognition & the Brain Literarisches Colloquium Berlin Lon Casler Bixby Photography
Laboratory for Conservation Biology Leeds College of Building Laboratoire de Chimie Bacterienne
Legislative Counsel Bureau Leonberger Club Belgium Landscape Contractors Board
Land Conservation Board Lightweight Corefile Browser Le Cordon Bleu
Le Chachka Box Lesser Cornstalk Borers Line of Constant Bearing
Longitudinal Center of Buoyancy Local Charge Balance Logistics Corporate Board
Long Chain Branches London City Bond Lake Central Barracuda
Lock Control Board Little, Common and Bexhill Luxembourg Conference Bureau
Log Cabin Basin Long Center Branch Lower Congo Basin
Library of California Board Landscape Characterization Branch Learning Consultation Briefing
Local Control Box Level in Critical Band Lower Columbia Business
Lewis College of Business Live Club Barmen