LCB Metals & Glass Since 1993

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Here is a collection of some current earring designs we offer. They are all doing very well at wholesale this season. There have been a number of others designs that are no longer offered, each for it's own reason. Some didn't ship well and tended to break. Some were attempts to utilize something in addition to metal & glass, like glue or paint. Big mistake. Others were less than inspired designs, the sort of thing that retail customers pick up and stare at with that "What was she thinking?" look on their face. 

In most cases though, the items we no longer make have simply evolved into another form that is more worthy of your attention, and are represented here. Natural selection at work, in my opinion. Color selection however, can vary greatly, and often does, so consider the designs in other colors according to your imagination. The items pictured are the ones that were available on scanning day. None of that nickel, alpaca, gold tone, gold wash, silver schmutz or plating in our stuff. So, please take a look at these pieces, and see what you think. As always, prices are retail.

Looking for glass designs? You're in the right place. But how about some Sterling? Click here to see it. Is Pure Silver more your style? Look at some 99.99% pure silver earrings.

Bronze Earring styles are ready and lookin' good. See them here.