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Farm Blog

A few years ago, Top O' The Hill Farm embarked on a quest to
 breed the perfect Curly pony !!
We began with some nice registered small Curlies and also
hand-picked a small herd of "other breed" ponies,
with disposition and performance as priorities.
 All our ponies used for this breeding program
must ride and drive, as these aptitudes are genetic.



 ~  My Two Main Pony Studs ~

  OYY Finnegan, ABC  678 3/4  ICHO 918-D-  curly palomino colt born 6-16-05 out of Green Mountain Dew and Cherokee Storm. He is an extreme 13.2hh colt who meets all my criteria for a pony stud. He has taken to driving like a champ. He has outstanding disposition and is incredibly willing and trainable.

Finn went into being ridden  like a champ- quiet and easygoing- rides out with mares on the road and trail.



He has bred the following pony mares for 2009 foals :

*OYY Sharona
*OYY Demeter
*Honeybee Gal
Pal O' Mine

These mares (and others) are pictured below.


OYY Salvadore -
ICHO , CSI registered

12.2 hands at 4 years old
Very handsome and sporty.

An outstanding saddle mount.

Salvadore bred OYY Niobe for a gorgeous 2009 colt





Can't wait to see the results !


Foals now on the ground-- see 2009 page


Pal, *OYY Ceda, *OYY Sweet Dreams Baby

Photo's and Info on Some of our Pony mares Below
Many of the Mares are "Keepers" Some are For Sale

*OYY Sweet Dreams Baby, OYY Demeter, OYY Ceda
Ponies at pasture

Pal O' Mine - a wonderful POA pony, who is fun under saddle, a fabulous driving pony with such a great personality, she is sometimes used in the therapeutic riding program. She has given us some spectacular foals so far, one of them old enough to be driving and ridden.
Delivered a very nice dark very curly Palomino colt
spring, 2009
Sugar- a grade pony with intelligence and willing attitude. She is a fun riding mount, drives, and has already put some outstanding foals on the ground. One of her colts is a dream driving pony.


OYY My Sharona - ICHO 900-S
dob - 6-13-04 out of Sugar and
Frostfire's Tadpole  Sharona is like a small Friesian- and very beautiful.

Delivered a nice Buckskin Curly colt - February 2009

OYY Nimue - ICHO 907-D
dob - 5-25-04
 out of Biscuit ABC 2422 and Colby , 2000 APHA/PtHA 14.2 hh , AWS "Sport Pony"#2007036
Nimue is the ultimate in ride/drive. She excels in both. She is presently 13.3 hands.

OYY Sweet Bee - 6 year old 14.1 hand mare out of Sudie Bee (also a pony) and Mead's Chocolate Chip.  She is registered ABC, ICHO, and CSI.



OYY Demeter - dob 6-2-05
ICHO 905-D out of Cherokee Dawn - grade POA
and Dusty Sunrise
Demeter is a nice dun appaloosa.
Inherited a nice sporty
look from her Dam, who is a great riding horse

Demeter delivered a beautiful appaloosa colored curly colt Spring, 2009



OYY Tupelo Honey
14 hand curly mare,
out of Honeybee Gal and Frostfire's Tadpole

She is For Sale

OYY HummingBird
12.1 hand 3 year old curly pony mare
out of Sugar and Mead's Chocolate Chip

OYY Sweet Dreams Baby - nickname "Mari"
cremello curly 2 year old large pony filly out of Cherokee Storm
and Dream Curl








Biscuit  - ABC 2422, 13.2 hh pony mare. Biscuit is a great little mare and has given us 3 awesome curly pony fillies so far, each sired by a different stud, only one of them a Curly. Biscuit is probably homozygous for curls- and certainly knows how to throw smart, talented, level headed foals.  OYY Nimue, OYY Niobe, OYY Rosalee.
She is bred to Salvadore for 2010

OYY Cosette ~ 13.3 hand sporty pony mare

OYY Ceda - beautiful buckskin
curly pony filly out of Pal and Mead's Chocolate Chip


OYY Ceda and OYY Sweet Dream's Baby


More ponies at pasture

She looks bred !
Big belly ~


HoneyBee Gal

Honeybee Gal- ABC 1570,
ICHO 126-D, 14 hands

HoneyBee delivered a nice very Curly colt Spring, 2009



I will adding more photo's
of ponies in the future

So check back!


Check some of the other sales pages for ponies for sale