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Top O' The Hill Farm American Curly Horses and Ponies love to drive
~ and so do we !!

Top O' The Hill Farm ** Driving ** on PhotoPeach











OYY Beowulf - coming 3 year old colt hitched

OYY Wassee- in these photo's, he is a 2 yo and took to driving like a champ. Fluid in the ring and great down the road.





Honey's Rockin' Robin as a yearling
next to a Curly stallion named Marshall
(maternal brother to Tippateena, pictured below)

Rocky went on to be trained as a
combined driving horse and has done very well.







This is "Rocky" at the trainer's
with his new owners.

He was trained at Robin Groves'
in Brownsville Vermont-
A competitor in both
pleasure shows and Combined Driving Events,
Robin has achieved “long list” status with the
U. S. Equestrian Team.


OYY Tippateena -- one of my favorite driving horses.

She had an early start next to her Mom tippyteenacart.jpg (9292 bytes)




You Don't have to stay on the road or in the ring with this girl..
she'll do trail as well.

Tippy follows tradition
and helps her son learn the ropes of
pulling in harness


Shout For Joy-- headed out in a 15 mile competitive drive.
She did very well for her first time.

Mercedes- pictured her before her sale as a 2 year old.
What an outstanding driving horse.

Meeting up with the road grader her first time out !!

OYY Arcus- curly pony gelding pictured here as a yearling..
easy to train to driving.. and he enjoys his work.






OYY Nimue -- 2 yo filly who loves to drive.
Cute and talented.











OYY Pal's Job as a 2 year old-
exceptional driving pony sized gelding.

Out on the road







OYY Tadpole's Moonin' "U"  a 2 year old gelding who
took to driving quickly and easily.


OYY HummingBird - 12.1 hand bay pony
Mead's Chocolate Chip  X Sugar


OYY Buster Brown
Mead's Chocolate Chip and Sudie Bee





OYY Raphael- in this photo, a 2 yo gelding, being introduced to the cart.

Pal O' Mine- not a Curly- Job's dam. She is a natural driving pony.
Below-- meeting up with the UPS truck on the dirt road, quiet and forward.


OYY Fiona
daughter of Mead's Chocolate Chip

and Teena






OYY Finnegan -
2 year old
stud colt
another Curly easy to train to drive!



Sleighs and bells !!

Curlies in harness are not
limited to pulling carts !!
They can be put to work too.
Marshall (Curly stallion) helps to
harrow a field.



Keri-Orla driving

1997 - getting ready for
driving demo


Log twitch and parade
Teena-- dam to Tippateena and Fiona pictured above.



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