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Top O' The Hill Farm American Curly Breeding Stallions


tadhead.jpg (10892 bytes)
Frostfire's Tadpole

ABC - 1837 F

Appaloosa Sport Horse Association - #1393

International Quarter Pony Association
Tadpole is on loan from Sharon Williams of Frostfire Farms
I am very excited to have him as part of my breeding program.

OYY Chanupa - curly pintaloosa  colt out of Ptesan-Wi

OYY Hecate - dark brown curly mare out of Lilly

OYY Pal's Job - bay smooth coat gelding out of Pal (POA)

OYY Sharona - black smooth coat filly out of Sugar (POA)

OYY Tupelo Honey - rich bay curly filly out of Honeybee Gal

OYY Lickity Split - red chestnut roaning curly filly out of Zoe's Day Dream



tadpolesaddle.jpg (14095 bytes)
Tadpole at home
tadpolespring.jpg (14880 bytes)
Tadpole in Vermont
tadspring.jpg (20027 bytes)
A few of Tadpole's offspring so far-- all gorgeous
tadpolelanze.jpg (13646 bytes)

Lanz- out of a Curly appy mare


tadpolesnitch.jpg (13289 bytes)
out of a buckskin curly mare
tadpolevance.jpg (14614 bytes)
Vince's Dream Girl- out of a saddlebred mare
guy.jpg (12027 bytes)
Guy- out of an appy mare


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