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 Honeybee Gal P-1570 ICHO 126-D

Honeybee has lived with us since her birthday on February 18, 1991

buff and honey.jpg (28224 bytes)

Her dam is Buffalo Gal P-335

Her sire is Mel's Bathtub Gin P-200

Honeybee has gone on to give us these foals:

Chester Belle Honey P-1948- filly (sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid P-463)

Bumble Bee P-2224- colt (sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid P-463)

Honey's Rockin' Robin P-2423- colt (sired by Keep On Dreamin' P-1565)

Honey's Deva Bee P-2436- filly (sired by  Keep On Dreamin' P-1565)

Firefly P- 2686   colt (sired by Yuwipi P- 2017 )

Lejonhud Daffodil- reg. pending- filly (sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid P-463)

Nokwisi- reg pending- filly (sired by Colonel's Reuben P-1093)

Colonel's Winchester- smooth coat colt (sired by Colonel's Reuben P-1093)

OYY Tupelo Honey - curly bay filly sired by Frostfire's Tadpole

OYY Dante smooth coated black colt sired by Benjamin



jaymieandbelle.JPG (14121 bytes)  

Chester Belle Honey lives in Connecticut in the winter and helps give lessons to other kids at the barn.

In the summer, she travels to Vermont.
Her owners have had no troubles training her- she is typical of all Curlies. Soon they want to drive her.
Belle foaled a gorgeous bay pinto curly filly sired by Chip in 2004  Good Job!!

belle1.JPG (6600 bytes)
Bumble Bee has always been a quiet, lovely gelding and is very loved.
This is a photo of him as a foal.
bumblebee.JPG (11226 bytes)

Honey's Rockin' Robin is a handsome colt- he resides in NH now and is learning to be ridden and driven- singly and in a team.

Rocky has been sold and is in training for combined driving- he'll do great!

marshallrockycart.JPG (13178 bytes) rockyfoal.JPG (6772 bytes)



Rocky as a foal


rockycart.jpg (10684 bytes)
Rocky in training at
Robin Groves's in Vermont
She is a well known trainer
specializing in driving and does clinics.
rockycart2.jpg (21453 bytes)
Very handsome boy!


fireflynewphoto.jpg (13781 bytes)




Firefly is what I call a "pocket horse"...he just wants to be in someone's pocket all the time.
kimsdevahead.JPG (8925 bytes)  

Honey's Deva Bee has been a real favorite of ours- she lives in the next town and is being started under saddle....naturally she has given her owners no trouble at all.

devasaddle.jpg (6279 bytes)
devasaddle2.jpg (12326 bytes)
Deva in training here at Top O' The Hill Farm

Daffodil was a complete surprse to us, as after all the  wonderful curly coated foals Honeybee has given us- she threw a straight haired filly!!But Dilly is gorgeous and has lots of super personality and sensational looks- and of course COLOR!!! daffodil.jpg (22772 bytes)

Daffodil all grown up being ridden by an 11 year old
daffcolt.jpg (15896 bytes)
Daffodil all grown up with her first foal- this guy is for sale-
Nokwisi.jpg (7057 bytes)




Beautiful Nokwisi -- filly sired by Colonel's Reuben. What more can be said about such a sweet face?



Nokwisi at her first show



"Chester"- he is being ridden and driven by his new owners who are surprised and pleased with his ease of training. His new Owner recently had an honorable mention for the RAC competition (Ride-A-Curly Contest)
OYY Tupelo Honey as a yearling. She keeps her beautiful marcel coat all summer. She's a great match of the old Fredell  blood and Berndt/Bad Warrior blood






OYY Dante- sired by Lynn Downer's WCC Benjamin- shedding out to be black and very handsome!!