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Top O' The Hill Farm American Curly Horse Broodmares


Dakota Surprise P-142 (F)

BG Dream Curl P-767 (F)

Green Mountain Dew P-926 (F)

Albuquerque P-1564 (F)

Ptesan-Wi P-1635 (F)

Lilly P-1567 (F)

Anniva M P-814 (F)

Buffalo Gal P-335 (F)

Tuff 'Nuff S-78

Sunshine Tiarra S-19

Shout For Joy S-125

Keri-Orla P-1560 (F)

Honeybee Gal P-1570 (F)

Little Pet P-370 (F)

Teena's Avis Jane HB-60

Sudie Bee HB-247

Tuff's Suzie Q S-442

My Little Caw Q- ABC 2444

Pyewacket- ABC 474-1/2

Zoe's Day Dream - ABC 2424

T's Susie Two- ICHO 159-S, ABC pending

Tall Trees Sassie

Biscuit ABC 2422

Ahmet - ABC 2219

OYY Dream A Little Dream - ABC 3628

OYY RedBird - ICHO 898-D

OYY Tippateena - ICHO 912-S, CSI S005524-01

OYY Demeter - ICHO 905-D

OYY Sharona - ICHO 900-S, CSI S005523-04

Teena- grade mare extraordinaire!

Pal O' Mine - the wonder pony

Sugar - grade pony mare with outstanding qualities ! ride and drive


The Bloodlines at Top O' The Hill Farm are made up of Spanish Mustang (through our first mare Dakota Surprise ABC 142), old appaloosa (through Dakota Surprise and Mead's Chocolate Chip who goes back to Four Mile Nik-Nak), Damele lines (through Mel's Bathtub Gin, Peacock's Banner and Anniva M), Morgan (through Anniva M, who is sired by Ruby Red King), Fredell bloodlines (through Col's Pasqualie Kid ABC 463 and Buffalo Gal ABC 335) Bratcher bloodlines (Buffalo Gal) and the Berndt/Bad Warrior bloodlines (through the lease of Frostfire's Tadpole). WCC Benjamin (leased from Homefire Curlies) also gave us some BNC (Ron Groves). There is also some BLM mustang blood (Mel's Bathtub Gin and Sunshine Tiarra).


Top O' The Hill Farm
153 Kirk Meadow Road
Springfield, VT  05156
(802) 885-9101