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Top O' The Hill Farm is the first New England breeder of the wonderful American Curly Horse and the quintessential Vermont side-hill farm is home to many gorgeous and capable Curly horses. The herd is based on many of the old foundation lines and like the traditional Vermont Morgan--- the Curly is a “using” horse, with potential in almost every arena of horse activity.


Meet the “folks” at Top O’ The Hill Farm:
The farm has evolved and changed over the years since 1986- but these Vermont hill pastures have always made home to the Curly horse. Top O' The Hill Farm’s goals are primarily to create using horses for families and competition; with competitive trail and pleasure riding being our main goal. Most of our horses are sold within the New England area and many come back to “visit” and ride the local trails. While I call myself a breeder- I have little to do with the magical genetic qualities of the wonderful horses produced- the Curlies are such a group of horses that can re-produce quite nicely without my intervention- intrinsically intelligent and sound. While there are many types and discipline potentials for our Curlies- REMEMBER:
Every horse has its destiny
and our Curlies do have a special place in the world.

As a long time breeder of Border Collies- the farm now is home for a bunch of new characters:

Lady Gwenyavhar- resident goofus and naptime moderator

Sir Fritz – resident snoop and professor

Homer, Ro-Ro, Fern, and Sophie – the squealing pot bellied clean up crew

The guinea group – the committee who wanders to all parts known and unknown- and periodically return to make their reports!


The hill farm is also home to much wildlife- and at any given time you’ll see herons, bitterns, ducks. Often I wake up to find deer running with the foals. Last year we had a neighborhood bear who walked amongst the herds and we met him a few times on the trails. From time to time – a moose will wander through and take fence with him- as moose are prone to do.
It’s a wonderful place for raising the Curlies and feed the soul- and we are pleased for the opportunity to share this piece of Vermont with


  homer1.JPG (5026 bytes)
Homer-farm mascot
everyone loves Homer!!

gemma.jpg (17722 bytes)
Third generation farm dog- Gemma
You'll see her in the background of many of the photo's

Her Grand- Mom was a great sheep and cow dog, her Mom was too
Her Dad was a super trial dog.

If you want to know anything about Top O' The Hill Farm-
Ask "The Committee"!!

thecommittee.jpg (15152 bytes)

guineanosey.jpg (21578 bytes)
The supervisor of all that goes on


peck.jpg (12959 bytes)
"Peck"~ She's at the bottom of the pecking order
and always left behind




"My"  wild turkey family- they wander the farm mostly in the fall- here they are with Ben- Lynn Downer's stud here on lease


Mallard family at the pond


Coyotes come in winter

Killdeer come every spring to nest-
The nests are not very well hidden- but camouflaged well enough if you are not careful- you'll step on the eggs




The  original  "Tree of Life"
I think this is where the symbol came from
More farm photo's here-- 
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The end of the day- surveying all that is great with the world!!