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Top O' The Hill Farm American Curly Horses and Ponies

We offer training at Top O' The Hill Farm.

Buyers of any horse at Top O' The Hill Farm can choose to have the horse stay for any length of time and be trained to their specifications. We have many options for this training plan. Many of the horses that are sold return to the farm for further training. Some of the horses are purchased and stay for more training before they leave for their new homes.

Any of the young horses here already have all their ground manners in place, starting at an early age. They are imprinted at birth, learn to stand tied with their Moms at the hitchrail, pick up their feet, behave well for farrier, enjoy bathtime, and load and travel in the trailer. Foals learn to lead well at birth. When it comes time for further training, we do a lot of ground driving before backing. Once a horse in under saddle, we do some ring work, but mostly go out on the trail , exposing the horses to mud, stream crossings, brush, and anything else they might encounter out on the trail. They ride out on the road and highway. The horses also are ridden in the indoor arena. We absolutely believe in cross training -- equal time in the arena and the road/trail... and although you - as the buyer - might think you'll never enter a dressage ring -- appropriate response to leg aids and seat cues will be something you will appreciate in the long run !


From birth, foals learn to stand patiently tied.

Foals learn to enjoy being groomed

They learn to lead quietly and away from their dams without a fuss.
Sometimes they have the opportunity to go out with their Moms





Some of the other training techniques and training aids we use are:
The pedestal

The bridge

Tarps- either on the body or riding over one


Walking in and out of the tire helps horses gauge distance, depth and trust


throwing a rope around legs


Preparing for backing starts with ground driving
And Learning to give to pressure


Going slowly
so every experience
is a positive one.

Horses must stand still for mounting
and use a mounting block, as well as being mounted from the ground.
Being ridden bareback
is part of
every horse's training.


Once a horse is going well under saddle (or driving)--
the next step is ring, trail and road exposure

cavaletti work

More advanced schooling
when the horse is ready





Country back roads







Top O' The Hill Farm
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