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Farm Blog

Photo's sent by new owners of my Curlies
(be sure and click on next at the bottom of the page for more photo's)

curlyannie.JPG (7680 bytes)
Pasco's Curly Annie was sold as a weanling. She lives in Maine- she is pictured here at 9 months- and the man in the picture is over 6 feet

buckandkids.JPG (15848 bytes)
Me Buck-O with his owner Jessica
and friend

buckcostume.JPG (11651 bytes)
Me Buck-O again
Jessica's Mom made the
costume for parades

Pyewacket with her owner in NH

curlyqjoellen.jpg (13369 bytes)
New pictures of Curly "Q" Step-
He is really grown up here!

marshallharrows.JPG (9434 bytes)
Marshall at work
this horse does it all
as a true Curly should!

The Sojourner - curly colt out of
Teena's Avis Jane and
Mead's Chocolate Chip with his owner in MA

Isn't he Handsome??

calypsonew.jpg (10107 bytes)
Here is Calypso- stallion standing at Flying Horse Farm He is maternal brother to Curly "Q" Step and Twelve Crows pictured on this page. His sisters are Suzie "Q" and My Little Caw "Q"-

His dam is my beloved Tuff 'Nuff

Brogna Family in MA
owners of The Mighty Quinn
and OYY Sweet Bee

The Mighty Quinn
and Ionelee Brogna

OYY Lickity Split trained by
her new owner, Sam
in NH

izzyathome.jpg (10305 bytes)
Isadora- in Florida. She is a 3 yo
out of Lilly and Dream Maker

OYY Uptown Girl
at Homefire Curlies

out of Lilly and WCC Benjamin

twelvecrowskids.JPG (15003 bytes)

Twelve Crows
curlies just love

Twelve Crows
at pony club
his owners call him Merlin


lindsayandsugareee.JPG (11657 bytes)
Curl O' My Dream
once again!

bonnyjeancart.jpg (7392 bytes)
Nancy's Bonny Jean T-273
first time in harness
(Shout For Joy X Pasco)


swinchowskifamily.JPG (17794 bytes)
Swinchowski family with
all their Curlies
Me Buck-O, Koeh, and Rosemary

happydogzandgoldendream.JPG (5601 bytes)
Happy Owner Chelsea
and Golden Dream
gelding out of Dream Curl and Reuben

travmandy.jpg (5749 bytes)
Wind Traveler
(Buffalo Gal P-335XColonel's Reuben P-1093)
and Mandy

daffdrivecart.jpg (8145 bytes)
Daffodil - at her home in Maine-
Nicole's Mom doing a little training
(Honeybee Gal P-1570 X Pasco P-463)

Curl O' My Dream
with Lindsay's brother
she is also pictured
on the home pagesugareeknight.JPG (13562 bytes)

My Filly Delphia
out of Teena and Col's Pasqualie Kid
owner by Laurie in NH

Daffodil with her new owner in NH

tiarrashow.jpg (6304 bytes)
Sunshine Tiarra in a
4-H trail class
She is a fabulous horse- and has a great foal history-- one grand-daughter is pictured above (Nancy's Bonnie Jean)

Kurlee Dream
out of Mead's Chocolate Chip
and Good Golly Miss Molly
owner by Laurice Lee in Maine


goldendream1.jpg (7966 bytes)
Golden Dream in the pasture

doctorathome.jpg (5301 bytes)
Doctor John at his new home as a two year old

wisigrass.jpg (13492 bytes)
Nokwisi in the field at her new house in Maine

Ollie and his owner Kathy
in Vermont

Dream Angel and her best friend
in Illinois


renalazy.jpg (12065 bytes)
My grand-daughter Rena and Lazy

renalazy2.jpg (9546 bytes)
Rena is more Trouble then this horse!! :)

OYY Brigitte - Owned by Pete Bussmann
of Cooperstown, NY

OYY Perchance to Dream
at Blue Sky Farm in MA

OYY Soaring
out of Anniva and Col's Pasqualie Kid
with her filly
at Blue Sky Farm in MA

OYY Ka-Ha-Si
out of The Mighty Quinn and Teena's Avis Jane
owned by Sandy of West Ridge Farm in MA

Dream Come True in Wisconsin

She's A Dream
out of BG Dream Curl
and Col's Pasqualie Kid
in Maine

Colonel Winchester
out of Honeybee Gal and Colonel's Reuben
owned by Cindi in NH
Cindi and Chester recently earned honorable mention in the Ride-A-Curly contest

out of Albuqurque and
Colonel's Reuben
he's a full sibling to Ahmet

RCR Ah-D-Da's ABC 537 7/8
Bred by Jackie Richardson, purchased and trained by Top O' The Hill Farm
Now owned by Susan in Maine

owned by Whirlwind Farms




Is it any co-incidence that the horses pictured here are almost all offspring of Pasco's??   He is such a sensational Stud!!

More will be addded- If anyone who has bought a horse from me wants to see their horse on the web- send a photo!!



these two live in Massachusetts- Merry is sired by Reuben,
Weaver is sired by Bathtub Gin
their mothers are maternal sisters!

Weaver rides the trail often- Merry is young yet for saddle training

weavermerry.JPG (7676 bytes)

Merry Laughter and Dream Weaver


weavermerry1.JPG (13903 bytes)


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Springfield, VT  05156
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