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Photo's from some of the
activities on the farm
a few of the competitions in which
we have participated:

alexzoe15miler.JPG (8897 bytes)
Sunshine Alec-Xander P-766
and Zoe
15 mile competitive trail

alexmo25miler.jpg (12077 bytes)
Sunshine Alec-Xander and
Col's Mighty Mo
(straight buckskin gelding)
25 mile competitive trail ride

keriollieballoons.JPG (11395 bytes)
Ollie and Keri-Orla
25 mile Judged Pleasure Ride
one of the "obstacles"
naturally- balloons cannot
scare a Curly

lillytrailrutlandZoe.jpg (9786 bytes)
Lilly and Zoe
Trail class

olliegrafton.jpg (9461 bytes)
Ollie and Zoe
at their first open show

ollieribbons1.JPG (6947 bytes)
Ollie and a few of his ribbons

tuffandzoe.JPG (8153 bytes)
Tuff 'Nuff
25 mile Judged Pleasure Ride

lillywestpleasurehartland.jpg (5406 bytes)
open show- Western Pleasure

lillybarrelzoerutland.jpg (4951 bytes)
barrel racing

teenalogskid.jpg (11750 bytes)
Teena and colt- Shindagin Ben
Log Skid

avisleadline.JPG (11023 bytes)
Teena's Avis Jane and Silas
lead line 4-H

sileadlinebarlowskeri.jpg (7883 bytes)
Keri-Orla and Silas
lead line class

tubbytackedup.JPG (5457 bytes)
Mel's Bathtub Gin P-200
25 Mile Judged Pleasure Ride

joydianegettingready.jpg (4386 bytes)
Shout For Joy S-125
waiting to go out
15 Mile Competitive Drive

joydianecart.jpg (6942 bytes)
headed out-



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