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BG Dream Curl ABC 767, ICHO 150-D
Dream was born to us in May of 1985.

She was the first Curly filly for us- and has taken her place as one of **STAR** mares and produced some fabulous foals.. as a result her page will be full of information ! Our therapeutic riding center is named
Dream On Curls ~ partly in honor of this lovely mare.

This is a photo rich page, so those of you with dial up will have a longer wait..

Dream Weaver - ABC 925
her first foal, a curly colt
now living in MA being ridden.
Weaver (called Webby by his owner) has been to the Equine Affaire several times
ridden in demo's and in the first Fantasia.
He's a great gelding !

He is sired by Mel's Bathtub Gin

First born

Ridden at the farm before his sale
  Webby at a demo at Forest Park
Dream Come True -  ABC 1190
another palomino curly colt sired
by Mel's Bathtub Gin
Come True in training at the
farm before his sale to Wisconsin. He was an athletic gelding- loved to jump.
  Come True in his new home in Wisconsin.


I have had recent news that come true was sold again and remains in Wisconsin, being ridden.


Keep On Dreamin'  ABC 1565
Sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid
another palomino VERY curly colt !

  Keep On Dreamin' was used as a stallion briefly at the farm and gave us 6 beautiful offspring ~
Twelve Crows pony clubbing in MH

Mei-mei - now living in Canada at Whirlwind Farm

Good Golly Miss Molly
Now in Maine, a pet and broodmare. She foaled a bay curly filly who is also being ridden in Maine, doing dressage.

Honey's Rockin' Robin- gelding now competing in combined driving

Indigo Moon Dream - gorgeous palomino with 2 blue eyes.

Honey's Deva Bee - chestnut mare, living locally and ridden
Curl O' My Dream ABC 1636 sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid
sold to a young woman in Maine who has done many shows.
"Curly" , as the new owner calls her,
has ridden in demo's at the Equine Affaire and
in one of the evening Fantasia performances.
Phoebe - a palomino smooth coated filly sired by Mead's Diamond, a Suffolk Punch
Phoebe is the only offspring of Dream's who does not have the "Dream" somewhere in her name.

We had a phoebe nest in the barn that year- which is how she got her name.

owned, trained and ridden by Diane here in VT. A match made in heaven.
Dream Maker ABC 2019
sired by Colonel's Reuben
curly chestnut colt who sired a five foals
here at the farm
before his sale, see below

Pictured as a weanling
Tom Thumb - out of Keri Orla
sold to MA, being ridden

Calypso QT  -out of Tuff 'Nuff, sold to Maine as a stud

Isadaora - smooth coated mare out of LIlly, sold to Florida
Newborn photo of Ghillie
out of Sunshine Tiarra, a smooth coated now a gelding, trained, ridden and owned locally

Pyewacket - with her new owner in NH. Laurie says they are "soul-mates"


Golden Dream ABC 2223 -
palomino curly colt
sired by Colonel's Reuben
Golden Dream has had several owners, all in Vermont
Shown in hand by his first owner~
notice the blue ribbon !!

Photo's sent by his second owner

Golden Dream with his fourth owner Michelle.
(Owner #3 is unknown to me)
"Goldie" came back this past summer (2007)
for a tune-up in his saddle training
after Michelle purchased him. A long journey for Goldie but hopefully Michelle will enjoy him for a lifetime.
Zoe's Day Dream ABC 2424, chestnut curly mare sired by
Colonel's Reuben.
We call her "Reverie".  She is still at the farm, as a broodmare-- but is for sale as we are keeping her filly
OYY Olympia.
She has foaled 2 curly fillies and 1 curly colt.


Reverie's first curly filly sired by Frostfire's Tadpole
OYY Lickity Split
owned, trained and ridden by her owner in NH

Reverie's second curly filly sired by Homefire Curlies' WCC Benjamin
OYY Olympia

Curly palomino colt
OYY Hendrix, sired by
Classic Dreams Cherokee Storm
Dreamin' of Marco
ABC HB 311, curly chestnut gelding
sired by Mead's Diamond
Suffolk Punch stud
(a full sister to Phoebe)
Marco has journied through several owners~ presntly he is being ridden in NJ

Marco and Linda Parelli

Photo sent by owner in NJ
Wildest Dreams
sired by
Col's Pasqualie Kid
"Wilder" was sold to a family in MA.
They are having a blast with him as a family riding horse.

She's A Dream
nickname ~ Tuppence
sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid
smooth coated filly

Beautiful Photo's sent by owner in Maine
dreamandangel.jpg (7484 bytes)
My Dream Angel
curly buckskin pinto filly sired by Mead's Chocolate Chip.
She was sold to Indiana and has had a curly colt of her own.

Angel at her new home with her "pal" , a mini.

Angel in Indiana pictured with the sire of the wonderful curly colt at right.
Angel's curly buckskin pinto colt

OYY Perchance to Dream -another buckskin pinto curly sired by Mead's Chocolate Chip-- nickname "Rune"
a colt who was sold to MA and has sired a foal of his own

Rune's curly filly out of OYY Soaring
Blue Sky Patti-Lynn

Rune at his new home

OYY Dream A Little Dream
sired by Frostfire's Tadpole. She is being retained here at the farm
Little Dream is bred to
Classic Dreams Cherokee Storm for a 2008 foal.
OYY The Doctor of Dreams
nickname- Sigmund
sired by Homefire Curlies'
WCC Benjamin
He will be retained as a new farm stud.
OYY Sweet Dreams Baby
nickname- Mari
This curly cremello filly is just what I ordered sired by Cherokee Storm.
She will stay with us forever !!







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