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Top O' The Hill Farm American Curly Horse Broodmares

Sunshine Tiarra S-19 dun

(Lace and Whiskey BLM 1233 X Xanadu D P-120)

Sunshine Alec-Xander P-766 bay curly gelding sired by Xanadu D P-120

Shout For Joy S-125 dun mare sired by Mel's Bathtub Gin P-200

WH "C"iarra bay gelding sired by Mel's Bathtub Gin P-200

Keri-Orla P-1560 bay pinto curly mare sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid P-463

Me Buck-O P-1372 dark bay curly bay gelding sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid P-463

Susie II dun straight mare sired by My Curly Joe T-273

Ghillie straight bay gelding sired by Dream Maker P-2019

Tiarra has thrown some excellent foals- all have made sensational riding horses- Sunshine Alec-Xander won many ribbons at competitive trail. Shout for Joy delivered one nice curly filly and paired with her full brother "C"iarra -in a matched driving team. Keri-Orla has been a dream to own and ride- in addition she has thrown two wonderful curly colts. Buck was trained by his owner- a young girl. Ghillie is being trained by a teen-aged boy. Keri and Susie II are the only ones who are still on the farm.  Keri does everything and Susie is a delight-
In between foals, Tiarra did her share in competition.


tiarrasaddle2.jpg (10456 bytes)
Tiarra just yesterday-
What a fun ride she is!

tiarra.jpg (7582 bytes)



She doesn't look 20- does she?
She's got strong genes for soundness and health

patricktiarra.jpg (5115 bytes)
Tiarra loves to
give pony rides-
She makes a great family horse!

xanadu.JPG (7322 bytes)
Xanadu D P-120
tiarrasusiehitchrail.jpg (15117 bytes)
Tiarra on the right- her daughter Susie II on the left
These two are well matched for going out together- same strides, same speed




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