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Top O' The Hill Farm American Curly Horse Broodmares


tuffandzoe.JPG (8153 bytes)

Tuff 'Nuff S-78 dk bay

(Poco Naneum AQHA 209155 X Nevada Q Chip P-109)

"Q"ute "Nuff S-128 chestnut filly sired by Crispin T-234

Tanman chestnut straight gelding sired by Mel's Bathtub Gin P-200

Curly "Q" Step T-1711 bay colt sired by Col's Pasqualie Kid P-463

Tuff's Suzie "Q" S-442 dark brown mare sired by Colonel's Reuben P-1093

Twelve Crows T-2044 bay curly colt sired by Keep On Dreamin' P-1565

Calypso "Q"T T-2683 bay curly colt sired by Dream Maker P-2019

My Little Caw "Q" T-2444 bay curly filly sired by Dakota's First Son P-1719

Tuff is one of those wonderful Curlies who throws curly coated foals when bred to certain studs.  It is my theory that you will always get a curly coated foal by a naked- tail stallion!!

Tuff competed quite a bit when she was not bred. Most years her foals were delivered in January/February, so that her foals were weaned early. One of her gaits is the "running walk" which is smooth, stable, and FAST! 

pictures of sire and dam are not available-

tuffsidezoe.JPG (10347 bytes)


qutenuff.JPG (7985 bytes)
"Q"ute 'Nuff
tanman.JPG (5164 bytes)

curlyqstep.JPG (9357 bytes)
Curly "Q" Step
he is still a stallion and has foals on the ground

"Q" 's  web site
suzieq.JPG (9498 bytes)
Tuff's Suzie "Q"
twelvecrows.JPG (6133 bytes)
Twelve Crows
caw.JPG (6980 bytes)
My Little Caw "Q"
calypsonew.jpg (10107 bytes)
Calypso at his new home
as a stud




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