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Item #2418  $13/pair Retail. A more 3-D design than it looks at first glance, this item has no extra embellishments or colors. Just solid Sterling silver in a heavy gauge. 1" H x " W Item #2309 $21/pair Retail  This item is akin to the great 1865 glass design, but with a metered bead instead. The glass bead comes in a wide number of colors, and this earring measures 1" H x 1"W.

Item #2333 $21/pair Retail  Another wonderful swirl design, but this one uses earwires. The bead can be most any color and the size is 1" H x 1"W.

Item #2426 $23/pair Retail  This is a great double hinged design for maximum movement and sparkle. All bead colors can be supplied. Try our glass design 1803 too.1 5/8" H x " W.


Item #2401 $11/pair Retail Sometimes you need things simple and traditional. The teardrop has to be exactly that. No extra embellishments are added, and the size is moderate for a dangle style. All hand made and all Sterling silver right down to the earwires.1" H x 3/8" W. Item #2319 $19/pair Retail  I like this one. We have nicknamed it a Wishbone design. Again using metered beads and Sterling bead accents, the piece is delicate and different. Be sure to see #2323 for another version of this great item. 2" H x 5/8" W. Item #2632 $25/pair Retail  Take the #2439 corkscrew design and add to it a simple straight dangle and what do you get? #2632! There is more to it than most of our Sterling earrings in workmanship as well as materials. The double beads come in all the standard colors. 1" H x 3/8" W. Item #2323 $19/pair Retail  It's the Wishbone design, but it's not. It is a great variation on the #2319 making for more interest and and enjoyment. The piece shown has a crystal bead, but all color metered and crystal beads are ready to go. Sterling bead accents also involved. 2" H x " W.


Item #2303 $13/pair Retail It's the teardrop design again, but with a crystal bead and Sterling accent beads flanking it.  There aren't  innovations to be found here, but some styles work every time. 1 H x 5/8" W. Item #2439 $13/pair Retail Plain corkscrew design without the extras of the #2632. Semi-purists will prefer it over the #2632. It is a light and free-flowing item, splayed at the bottom. No beads on this one, so silver is the color. 1" H x " W. Item #2320 $19/pair Retail Honeydippers for the ears. Sure, why not? It is a beautiful design with that swirl idea appearing at the bottom, surrounding the bead. Honey-colored beads are available, but you can have any color you want. 1" H x " W. Item #2403 $19/pair Retail Your guess is as good as mine on this one. Environmentalists see a meandering river leading to the ocean. I like that, so I'll go with it. Sturdy and light-catching, all Sterling. 1" H x " W.

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