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These are my spiral designs because the wirework looks that way to me. You might find Corkscrew or Swirl more convenient. You can have them in sterling or gold filled wire, as usual. Beads on the end are our fused glass pieces, (item numbers 61, 78 and 48 all available, with 61 the default). Color requests in the fused beads will be honored according to the color chart below. This item, after initial inspection, always brings the question, "Hey, how do I get these things on?". Well, you just start the end of the wire at the pierce in the ear, insert it, twist it a turn or a turn and a half, and you're done. The first time will be a bit confusing, but your success rate will improve dramatically from there, with your need for a mirror the first to change. Best of all, I guarantee you won't lose these earrings. No wind that's ever blown, no rigorous dance floor performance, no participatory sporting event, (indoor or outdoor), could ever separate you from these earrings. Honest, they are better than glue. Take a look at these.

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Enhanced Bronze Earrings    Pure Silver Earrings

1 5/8" H  x  7/8" W  $26/Pair Retail 


All styles are available in these principal colors:
Red Amber Leaf Emerald Aqua Turquoise Lt Blue Cobalt Lavender Purple Black Clear


1 5/8" H  x  7/8" W  $26/Pair Retail    

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