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Item #1419 $17/pair Retail The swirl at the bottom is the light catcher, while the large glass bead  at the top catches the eye. A good item for the more conservative buyer. 1 3/8" H x 3/8" W. Item #1432 $17/pair Retail Twisted Sterling wire gives this set an interesting look for something different. Two dangles contain 4mm glass beads in most colors as well as Sterling accents. 1 3/8" H x 3/8" W. Item #1438 $17/pair Retail We begin with the LCB loop on the top, followed by a two-bead drop with a tongue at the bottom. An excellent choice for the buyer seeking a long, thin look. 1 5/8" H x  " W. Item #1430 $25/pair Retail This one is heart shaped and topped off with a red bead. But don't settle for red if you would like a different color. We can supply. 1 3/8"H x 5/8" W.


Item #1402 $17/pair Retail  We think of this one as a relaxed swirl. A sterling design sans glass, it satisfies the customer of more conservative taste with very little weight involved. Very well priced also. 1 3/8" H x 5/8" W. Item #1437 $19/pair Retail How do I describe this? It's a hoop with a bead! Pick your bead color and you are on your way. This is a perfect item to own a dozen of in different colors if there ever was one. 1" H x 5/8" W. Item #1421 $17/pair Retail Here is a lovely two-part design that doesn't dominate the ear when worn, but always adds a subtle highlight. Choose your colors. Works with any wardrobe. 1 5/8" H x 3/8" W. Item #1429 $25/pair Retail This is a smaller version of the Big Bang design in previous styles. Shown are Swarovski crystals and glass beads, but many combinations are possible. All Sterling metal.1 5/8" H x 5/8" W.


Item #1433 $25/pair Retail Here's something a bit different. This unique wound-wire item contains glass beads of different sizes. and on two different levels for a striking look. It is also quite sturdy for size. 1 7/8" H x 3/8" W. Item #1409 $17/pair Retail The swirl of ocean currents are represented in this piece, which is difficult for Vermonters, being land locked and all. The swirl is accompanied by bead and dangle at the bottom. 1 3/8" H x " W. Item #1414 $17/pair Retail Another great design in wound wire with our hand made earwires and standard glass beads. choose the colors you would like and we will probably have that color for you. 1" H x 3/8" W. Item #1405 $25/pair Retail A second version of the Big Bang, this item puts the focal bead in the middle with an all Sterling frame. Swarovski crystal or glass beads are always available in our colors.     1 3/8" H x 5/8" W.

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