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"The Ultimate Using Horse" 
     The Bashkir Curly is one of the few breeds left that has not been specialized.  They have proven themselves in a broad range of situations, both in work and play.   Ideally sized at between 14.1 and up, weighing between 750  ++ , they are heavy boned and short backed, possess stout cannon bone and are capable of carrying heavy loads, and going the distance, with an amazingly comfortable forward way of movement.
Given a solid beginning-most Curly's are capable of anything!!

Since the development of the ABC Registry in 1971,
Curly horses have earned recognition
for their unusually winning ways and astounding potential.
These wonderful animals are truly a blend of many enviable and valuable traits.


Origin: One Theory !
There are several theories as to how the unique Curly horse arrived here in the United States.  Most
people believe that they descended from the ancient Bashkir herds once raised on the slopes of the
Ural Mountains.  These unusual equines accompanied the Mongols in their journey across the once
frozen Bering Strait in the 14th century.  This hypothesis places the arrival of the Bashkir curly horses
BEFORE the Spanish horses -- in the early 1500's

In American history, the Curlies were first sighted in 1898, in the remote mountains of central Nevada by young Peter Damele and his father,  Peter's son -- Benny Damele -- raised Curlies for
ranch work and for sale.

Since the creation in 1971 of the "American Bashkir Curly Registry", the horses have earned
recognition for their unusual winning ways and great potential. These animals are truly a blend of many
enviable and valuable attributes.  They cannot be outdone in intelligence and personality -- Bashkir
Curlies are the "thinking" horses who carry you safely and wisely.

Now there are two registries- the ABCR and the ICHO.  The ABCR is the only registry that still calls these horses "Bashkirs". The ICHO is encouraging the horses be referred to as American Curlies, due to the fact that it has never been proven that these curly haired horses are related to the Bashkir horse in Russia.

Regardless of the origins of this fine breed of horse- they are wonderful~ tractable~ delightful!!


I do not believe that they can be outdone in intelligence or personality!!


  The earliest record of Curly horses are by the Dakota Sioux during their "Winter Count" calendar in the early 1800' s and they were ridden by the Sioux at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Curly horses were called "big red dogs" and "buffalo horses" and the privilege of owning one was reserved for chiefs and medicine men.

Curlies and their "hair" :  Are Curlies Hypo-allergenic?

The coat is not typical horsehair but more closely resembles mohair. The hair can be spun and woven into garments. The hair is also considered, but not proven, to be hypoallergenic. People who are allergic to straight haired breeds usually will not have a reaction to Curlies. The winter coat expresses itself in a variety of patterns commonly described as marcel wave, crushed velvet, curl and micro curl. The summer coat also offers varieties ranging from smooth to wavey. Some horses shed their manes and tails every year, only to grow them back in the winter.



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