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Leased from Frostfire Farms - Sharon Williams


By:  Top Nuggets Pride

Top Nugget (by Nugget Jim) x Whistle's Missy (by Whistle Britches)


Out of:  Noon Conclusion

Sparkling Conclusion (by Obvious Conclusion out of I Lightly Sparkle) x Come a Roman CE (by Come Away With Me)

(picture taken in pasture condition in winter coat)

The first thing you notice about "Cooter" is his striking color. He is a true black and white and was born with these markings and has not changed one iota. He shows all characteristics of being homozygous for passing on color also; he has white tipped ears, sky eyes and lightening marks on his legs. Both his sire and dam were colored appaloosas. His sire being a black and white leopard and his dam a chestnut roan with some spots. His sire was never shown due to injury, but has been used exclusively as a trail horse by his owner. He could be ridden with mares in season and no one would know he was a stallion. Cooter carries the bloodlines of the old foundation stock thru his sire and the modern day appaloosa thru his dam, thus blending modern and classic bloodlines into a handsome 67% FPD package. Cooter is a 1999 colt and stands at approximately 15h and weighs 900 pounds and is still growing and filling out.


Noon Conclusion, is the winner of:
    26 Halter points, ROM in Amateur WP and Youth WP

Sparkling Conclusion is the winner of: Superior halter 1989
     World Show 2 yr old stallion, 1988
     World Champion Yearling stallion, 1987
     33 halter wins, going Grand29 times, reserve 5 times, 63. points

I Lightly Sparkle is the winner of:
     World Champion Aged mare, 1984
      Superior Halter, 1983
      56 Halter wins, going Grand 37 times, reserve 14 times with 107. pts

Obvious Conclusion is the winner of:
World Champion 2 yr old Stallion, 1983
      World Champion Yearling stallion, 1982
      Including 14 halter wins and going Grand 6 times, with one Reserve



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Springfield, VT  05156
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