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Top O' The Hill Farm American Curly Breeding Stallions

Dusty Sunrise
ACHA- 99-00114

red dun   dob 5-23-93
Luka ACHA 99-00026, ABC T-545 X Pinyon Pearl ABC- 476


Dusty was purchased from Tennessee in April 2003


Here are a few photo's of him his first weekend here. He has foals on the ground, but I am unable to get photo's or history so far.
According to his previous owner at Gateway Curlies,
Dusty has thrown 100% Curly coated foals 
from all breeds


dustyhead.jpg (21410 bytes)
Photo taken by Sharon Williams,
during the layover at her farm
dustytrot.jpg (16448 bytes)
Also taken at Sharon's farm
dustysusan.jpg (17030 bytes)
Dusty here at Top O' The Hill
lukasusan2.jpg (11605 bytes)
Luka- sire now a gelding
pearlwinter.JPG (10418 bytes)
Pinyon Pearl- dam

His foals at the farm so far:

OYY TigerHawk- chestnut curly colt with dorsal stripe- out of Susie Two

OYY RedBird red dun curly filly out of Pyewacket

OYY Amadeus - bay pinto curly colt out of Keri-Orla

OYY Demeter -  dun appaloosa curly mare out of Cherokee Dawn (POA)








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