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BCF Splash Dancer
CSI C00567-04

purchased from Lisa Wytiaz - Bashcurl Farm in Georgia.

Top O' The Hill Farm is mighty pleased to have this striking fellow on board with us !!

 Splash Dancer Represents generations of selective breeding,
this young stallion promises
Contact us  for fees and contract
Splash Dancer will cross well with "other" breed mares for a VERY nice winning foal with loads of potential !!

scroll down for his outstanding pedigree -- a short list of Champions !!


Lisa Wytiaz, Splash Dancer and Zoe at our farm

Lisa Wytiaz - Splash Dancer's breeder -
 visits us in Vermont and gives Zoe a lesson on Splash.
  Splash went to his first show here in Vermont in July and we could not have been more pleased !!
He received very good scores in Training level ... at the last minute he and Zoe entered a First Level test.. having never practiced the test..
Zoe had a reader

Splash and his rider Zoe Lirakis won FIRST place !! 

If you are thinking to purchase a Curly horse- 
buy one with the pedigree to perform !!



Video's posted here are from his breeder
Lisa Wytiaz at Bashcurl farm


Son of BCF Splash Dancer



Daughter of BCF Splash Dancer


Sire : BCF Spartacular Splashes

Bred at Bashcurl Farm in Georgia - now at JAK Curlies, France.
BCF Spartacular Splashes is sired by the great Spartacus !!

Spartacular Splashes pedigree





BCF Sparkling Sherry

Sparkling Sherry is sired by the great Spartacus !!

You can refer to Curly Horse Country's
Champion Curly page for some of her accomplishments ~

AAHSA (schooling show) Intro B Reserve Champion 2001

AAHSA Intro B Year / Reserve Champion



*  Splashes has been inspected by both AWR and CSI. He was awarded First Premium status by AWR and Premium status by CSI.
*Splashes is a proven producer of First Premium foals and inspection site champions.
*Splashes also produced First Premium foals. In fact all his foals who were presented for inspections with the CSI or the AWR. had the “premium” mention. Some of his foals were champions or vice-champions and some of them were unbeatable under saddle, including one who had the “highter score during the day” in all the levels, with 74% for his first competition, for levels from 1st level to St-Georges.


BCF Spartacular Splashes
performing  3rd level

List of wins when Lisa Wytiaz owned

* BCF Sparctacular Splashes
CSI - C00522-96

*AWR Inspection 1st Premium Refining Stallion - 2000
*AAHSA (schooling show) Intro B Champion (76.190) 2001
*AAHSA (schooling show) High Score of the Day / Show Champion
*AAHSA Intro B High Score of the Year / Champion
*AAHSA (schooling show) 1st L- T 4 Champion 2002
*AAHSA (schooling show) 2nd L- T 1 Champion
*AAHSA (schooling show) 2nd L- T 2 Champion
*AAHSA (schooling show) 2nd L- T 3 Champion
*Turning Point (USDF recognized) 3rd L - T1 Champion 2005
*Turning Point (USDF recognized) 3rd L - T2 Champion




grand-sire on both sides ~ Spartacus

ABC 237 (f)  PhAA 57187,  ICHO-2D

has produced a half-dozen outstanding Curly sport horses, among them Level 4 dressage champions GCF Spartnik and GCF Sparlock.

He was honored by the United States Dressage Society on their statistical list of the USDF stallions that have produced two or more USDF Horse of the Year offspring.  

OF INDIANA every year he performed. He also sired 2 USDF HORSE OF THE YEAR
as well as Regional and state champions and award winners. He passed on
temperament, willingness, ease of training, athletic ability and great
presence under saddle.



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