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Pure Silver Earrings

One Of A Kind Pendants

Here are some of our OneOfAKind pendants, all of which feature 99.9% pure silver metalwork. While we make these all the time, they never come out exactly the same from one part of a sheet of raw glass to the next. While this is an intriguing thought to ponder, it makes things somewhat difficult to purchase without seeing it first. Therefore, this page. If you see something you like, call or email and we will make a similar item  for you and email a picture to you for your approval before shipping. Your choice, $98 suggested Retail.

1500 Framed Series

1500B   1501   1502   1504


1506   1500C   1502C   1504D

There is an unlimited number of these designs and they are very attractive if I do say so myself. All are heavy pendants, measuring between 1 and 1" wide and up to 2" high. We have used a wide variety of glass patterns and types for these pieces, and it shows, in both texture and color. All have a heavy pure silver bail, large enough for any chain you may wish to add. Silver has skyrocketed in market value, and these pieces give you a full measure of pure silver for your dollar spent. Pure silver does not tarnish, and never degrades. Our glass creations are lifetime purchases.