2011 ~

 Foals pictured here sired by
OYY Finnegan (left)  OYY Salvadore (right)
BCF Splash Dancer  (mid right)Mead's Chocolate Chip (mid left)

13.2 hh


15 hh




12.2 hh

OYY Chip's Dark Moon

ABC, ICHO, CSI eligible

sired by
Mead's Chocolate Chip

out of OYY Hecate
(Frostfire's Tadpole X Lilly )

estimtated height - 15.2 hands



This colt is a meld of all the great bloodlines in American Curly horse history !
Through his Sire -- riding and driving abilities plus Mead breeding that
goes back to Chief of FourMile.

Through his Dam's sire - in addition to star riding abilities - the Frostfire bloodlines include Bad Warrior and Berndt pedigree.

Through his Dam's dam - more riding/driving talent plus the impressive historical bloodlines of Bratcher, Fredell, and the great Colonel Austin.

Take those lines and put them all together in a handsome correct colt --
suitable for improving your herd - 

Dark Moon is a lovely deep rich bay
with correct conformation.

He will mature around 15.2 hands to make an eye catching mount with superb pedigree.

This lovely fellow would make a valuable stud prospect with his pedigree which includes many proven performance horses and rare bloodlines !



OYY Tamborine Man

born February
sired by OYY Finnegan

out of Ahmet



Maternal siblings include OYY Elektra , OYY Little "Z"
OYY Hollis Brown

destined for greatness !! and What an outstanding personality with impressive smarts !




summer 2011

this wonderful fellow seeks out human company over his pasture buddies !


He is 14.3 hands now as a 3 year old

A tall stout gelding dressage prospect ! or fun forward trail mount - jumps logs on the trail with eagerness... great about traveling out alone - confident and willing

OYY C. Brave Ulysses
ICHO, CSI eligible

born February
sired by OYY Finnegan

out of

OYY Tippateena

Ulysses will make an outstanding future herd sire ~ lending size, bone, disposition and intelligence to your mares.

Or - as a gelding, Ulysses will excel as a hefty mount or driving horse.  I would truly love to see Ulysses sold to a driving home.





Ulysses has been handled a lot since birth

Ulysses drives next to his dam often and is used to traffic and other road obstacles. He has also completed the
farm obstacle course !



Dark rich palomino

12 hands at 6 months








OYY Einstein ICHO, CSI eligible

sired by OYY Finnegan

out of Pal O' Mine

Spectacular blanketed palomino curly colt

A pedigree full of talent and outstanding disposition


$1200 when weaned

SOLD !!!


Einstein would make an awesome pony stud colt
Both parents ride and drive
He will mature around 12 hands


OYY Splash Dancing Pirouette

sired by BCF Splash Dancer

out of Lilly

First filly born in Vermont by

BCF Splash Dancer

Very exciting beautiful filly
full of promise !!

Her pedigree and bloodlines speak for themselves !

please inquire for price
For Sale to show home




  Pirouette has two paternal siblings in Georgia where her sire was born (Bashcurl Farm 2)

  a brother - BCF Spontaneous Combustion and a sister BCF Spellbound Charm.


Foals due sired by
OYY Salvadore

arriving in the fall~

They are here !!

and worth the wait




OYY Miss Kitty -

Out of
OYY Dream a Little Dream

Sired by OYY Salvadore

Kitty is quite small, we will most likely keep her in our breeding band ~







Kitty weighed approxiamtely 40 pounds at birth.

Easy to pick her up and carry her around




OYY Salvdore's Legend

out of OYY Oympia

sired by OYY Salvadore

Nice curly pony stallion prospect !


Legend will make the perfect Large pony stallion to make some more ponies for you !

very curly bay colt

too cute for words !