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A therapeutic riding center that provides
equine assisted activities to address
physical, emotional, social, and cognitive challenges
of special needs children and young adults.
Staff and horses work together in case-specific lessons 
offering the opportunity to experience
achievement, joy, community,
and most of all FUN!

          An  empowering experience for all

At Dream On Curls Riding Center ~

We focus on what our riders CAN do, NOT on what they can't !

Therapeutic riding uses equine assisted activities for the purpose of contributing positively to the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social well being of individuals with disabilities. These equine activities have been shown to be beneficial to the child with physical or developmental challenges while presenting itself in a fun rewarding manner. Studies show that therapeutic riding can increase flexibility, balance, coordination, memory, sequencing, attention, and body awareness. All of this can be accomplished while the child is having fun!

The Dream On Curls Riding Center offers therapeutic riding and grooming programs for a number of special needs children and young adults:
The disabilities served- but not limited to- are:

v     ADHD

v     ADD

v     Cerebral Palsy

v     Autism Spectrum Disorder

v     Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

v     Learning Disabilities

v     Neuromuscular Disorders

Age ranges for acceptance into the program are 4 through 99





























Top O' The Hill Farm
153 Kirk Meadow Road
Springfield, VT  05156
(802) 885-9101

Dream On Curls Riding Center
153 Kirk Meadow Road
Springfield, VT 05156