This year is another pony Year !  
Foals pictured here sired by

OYY Finnegan (left)

Mead's Chocolate Chip (middle)

OYY Salvadore (right)




13.2 hh


15 hh






12.2 hh







OYY Oona - out of OYY Sharona and Mead's Chocolate Chip.

This pony filly is a beauty in every way. Sharona is a wonderful athletic pony mare, as is her dam - Chip is extremely talented in all facets (ride and drive) .. this filly has it made genetically.  We are pleased to add her to our future pony brood herd. < way




Sharona comes from a very talented family all with superb disposition - she is sired by Frostfire's Tadpole, an amazingly well tempered stud with smooth gaits - a delight in all ways. All of the foals he sired at Top O' The Hill Farm are being ridden and/or driven either here or at their new homes.











Sharona's dam is an outstanding grade pony mare who rides and drives - the perfect child's pony

Sharona claims two fabulous siblings sired by Chip

OYY HummingBird
  ride and drive curly pony mare

OYY Arcus
   ride and drive curly pony gelding



OYY Rizzoli ~ out of OYY Demeter and OYY Finnegan. Rizzoli has a full
brother , OYY Matisse, born in 2009. This colt is stunning - born a dunalino we are still waiting for a full shed to be sure of his coloring.  He's fancy, regal in carriage already and very intelligent. 

Rizzoli i snow a gelding ! ready to serve sa your trail buddy ~



               $ 1900 !!




OYY Day Tripper ~  Barn name
Jo-Jo.  I need to get some more flattering photos of this little fellow.

He's kind of a mellow laid back sort of pony boy, but resembles his sire in so many ways. 

Jo-Jo will make a very nice pony stallion prospect - but ideally I'd love to see him go to a show home as a medium sport pony - under saddle or in harness or both !



Jo-jo comes from quite a talented family ..




Jo-Jo is out of Biscuit and OYY Salvadore.
He's quite a red bay right now, but we'll see when he sheds his foal coat.  He shares some impressive genes with his sisters
OYY NImue, OYY Niobe, and OYY Rosalee.

This is a colt destined to be great at everything !
as proven by his family so far.
His dam has many awesome accomplished sisters as well.

OYY Lovely Rita born October, 2010

sired by Mead's Chocolate Chip  out of  OYY Cosette


Rita is a lovely very curly intelligent dark dark bay filly
Will mature to a medium pony
Cosette is a splendid sporty riding medium pony (13.3hh)

Chip is a full sized 15.1 hh horse who does it all !
Ride ~ Drive~ Pull


Dam - Cosette

Rita will be staying on the farm with us ! NFS