Private • Romantic • Secluded • Luxurious
Bridgewater Corners, Vermont • (802) 672-5141

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This map shows the general vicinity of the Cabin-in-the-Woods,
relative to Woodstock, Vermont.
Detailed maps and clear directions to the Cabin
will be provided upon receiving your reservations.


Thank you Peter for an unforgettable Honeymoon. We will never forget the beauty here. You are a gracious host. Thank you for all the advise on what to see. We will be back.

Andrew & Rhonda (8/2004)

Dawn lingers, trees like diamonds.
The mist rises, the birds sing.
It is morning at Cabin-in-the -Woods.
We walked hand-in-hand in the morning light,
As we looked upon the rolling river, we knew this was the place.
The day wore on and beauty bloomed.
Lush green mountains, crisp fall air. In the Living Room the fire roars.
The bath fills, the candles are lit, and romance is unfolding.
A time of self and a time of togetherness.
No more precious a place in all the world.
As night falls, the air takes a chill.
But When morning comes, it begins anew.

Jennifer B.

Peter, Even these words can't express how lucky we feel to have been able to share your wonderful cabin and all of the incredible history and craftsmanship. Thank you so much !

Very Truly Yours, Kevin & Jennifer B. (9/2004)

Thank you so much for letting us stay in your cabin - everywhere you look, inside or out, there is something to stimulate or soothe the eye and mind, whether natural or man-made. When we started out without much of a plan we hardly expected to find ourselves in such a place.

Thank you for your generosity!
Jan & Martha (11/2005)

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