Private • Romantic • Secluded • Luxurious
Bridgewater Corners, Vermont • (802) 672-5141

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Welcome to a very private, secluded bit of Heaven in Vermont.

Imagine a rustic cabin getaway for your honeymoon or special anniversary.

Five rooms, including: a deep-soaking tub for 2, cozy stone fireplace, king-sized bed, and kitchen.

Also, a secluded swimming hole with a sandy beach, and hidden in the woods, an 86' waterfall and gorge.

There are no near neighbors!

Rentals available June thru October.

Please call 802-672-5141

Please call only between
8 AM and 8 PM.
Thank you.

Livingroom Fireplace

Livingroom and Fireplace

Deep Tub for Two

Luxurious Deep Tub for Two

Magic In The Tub

Magic in the Tub

Cabin In Sunlight

Cabin In The Sunlight

Hi Peter,
  We loved the cabin so much, it was the perfect getaway for us.
  Thanks for the glimpses at what you're working on [the paintings in ink], we did enjoy the art work in the cabin and outdoors. ...thank you again, very, very much.  It was a getaway scripted in heaven.
                             Cindee (10/2006)

Your Romantic Adventure at Cabin-in-the-Woods

You are on an adventure up a dirt road less traveled to an idyllic place that has eluded the encroachment of time. It is quiet and peaceful here. It has little changed since my father, Lloyd, built the cabin in 1941. It is the cabin I was born in. This is a snug cabin -- cool in summer, warm in winter. After adding extensive luxuries, I decided in 2000 to rent it. The original fireplace is wonderful to suggle in front of. The deep soaking tub is perfect to relax in. The king-size bed is like being in tree house. You go to bed by starlight and wake to the gentle morning light filtering through the tree branches. It is a great place to read a book and listen to the birds. I have furnished it with some of my loved possessions: antiques of my mother’s, my father’s oil paintings, and my own art work. It is yours to enjoy.

I am a full-time, nationally known artist. You are welcome to visit my studios and private gallery. Sometimes I will have time to show you around. If you find something that you must have, you are welcome to inquire whether or not it is for sale. I have much to offer.

Part of your adventure here is walking the crystal clear and clean brooks. Be careful, the rocks can be slippery. Explore the Bridgewater Hollow Gorge. There are pools to cool one’s feet or body (in sans suit if you wish!) totally hidden from the less traveled road. There are acres to hike along old logging roads leading up the mountains. Pack a lunch and enjoy the whole day in quiet exploration. There is a 300-year-old pine tree less than 1000 feet from the cabin which takes more than 3 of my 6-foot arm-lengths to reach around. There is also an ancient four-sided fireplace and an old cemetary dating from the 1700's. There are miles of dirt road to bicycle. For some adventures you'll need to be moderately fit, and always dress appropriately for the weather and the activity.

Or just kick back,
enjoy the Romance of the Cabin
and give the mind pause.

I welcome you to this special place.

~ Peter Paedra Bramhall

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