OYY Pal's Job

dob 5-25-04

ICHO 906-S



 Words cannot begin to describe this
14 hand pony  !! Job is a gentleman in every situation for every rider. He excels as a lesson mount - carrying the severely disabled to independent riders cheerfully and politely.

Job is safe, very well trained, and a true honest small horse.

You can put this fellow out to pasture for half a year and when you return, he's still the GEM he was when you stuck him away.

w/t/c in the ring, trot down the road and highway or cruise on the trail.






Job tries a bit of hunter pace in the woods




Job  does well for his first time in the big ring in a awhile.  s well for a horse who has not

And hitched once again -- first time in a LONG time -- still remembers !


    Job has immense potential - show pony, lesson pony or fun family mount. Safe enough for very young, small children - sturdy enough for adults.

He's an impressive young fellow.

Here he is out on the trail with my very beginner grand-son - age 8