OYY Salvadore

dob 5-8-05

ICHO 882-D

CSI C00658-05

12.2 hands 


Salvadore was born on Mother's Day and named after Salvadore Dali... with a little twist to the spelling.  He's a gorgeous eye-catching pony stallion with his rich bay coloring and summertime ripples. He has been ridden by a variety of riders - all levels.. 13 years old on up.


Salvadore has several nice offspring on the ground. Both sporty like their sire.  He is now a gelding and will make a stunning dressage prospect or jumper - pony club, hunter pace.




Video - April 2009



Video ~January 2009


Video ~ August 2013



Video ~ August 2013



Video ~ August 2013



Video - July 2013



Video ~ May 2013