OYY Oona

out of OYY My Sharona

and Mead's Chocolate Chip.

Born Spring 2010



Oona is a natural performance mount she loves ring work and excels in her training. she is eager to learn and move on with new movements. She is ready for training level now, with a bit more schooling - first level ! She will top out at 14.2. maybe 14.3 as she grows. She has had a very solid foundation of training she travels well under saddle with freedom and rhythm. Always ready to put her halter on for work ! She is a delight.  

14.1 hands


Oona has a distinct advantage ~
possessing outstanding genes from both sides !

Oona is exactly what I had in mind when I put her two parents together~ Physically, Oona is beautiful with a nice full tail and ripples in her coat all summer.

She is solid w/t/c in indoor and big arena working on lateral movements at the trot having mastered the walk she repressive to all seat and leg aids beginning to differentiate between collected and extended gaits.

Smart, beautiful, a fun mare !!

Her potential is limitless !!

Beauty, Brains, Disposition, Temperament

Strong riding abilities genetically


De-sensitizing and exposure to as much as possible --
around her legs and body gets her ready to be calm in the shafts no matter what happens.




This large pony filly is a beauty in every way. OOna's dam,  OYY Sharona , is a wonderfully athletic pony mare, as is her dam -

Chip is extremely talented in all facets (ride and drive) .. this filly has it made genetically. Add to that ~ an outstanding personality and intelligent brain all with an excellent work ethic -- Oona is destined to be a winner in any program





Oona - July 2014



Dam - OYY My Sharona



OYY Arcus  Shatrona's paternal brother, OOna's maternal Uncle and  Paternal brother !

 ride and drive curly pony gelding



Oona's sire - Mead's Chocolate Chip

super ride/drive



Sharona's dam is an outstanding grade pony mare who rides and drives - the perfect child's pony

Sharona claims two fabulous siblings sired by Chip - who is also OOna's sire. a performance family for sure ! for ride and drive.

OYY HummingBird - Sharona's maternal sister. OOna's Maternal Aunt and also Paternal sister !

  ride and drive curly pony mare








Mead's Chocolate Chip -- super driving Curly -- the True Do It All Horse !!


Oona's maternal brother OYY Beowulf