The Air Force Reserve
Grenier AFB, NH 1955-1966
Revised 3 December 2003

Historical chronology from official
unit histories
Tom Hildreth

All photos courtesy USAF unless otherwise noted


22 Aug 55-The 81st Troop Carrier Squadron (TCS) Medium (M) activated in the Air Force Reserve (AFR) at Grenier AFB. This unit operated Curtiss C-46 Commando transports and was assigned to the 436th Troop Carrier Wing (TCW) at Naval Air Station (NAS) New York (Floyd Bennet Field), Brooklyn, NY.

12 Oct 55-Lt. Col. Gardner W. Mills assumed command of 81st TCS. In addition to previous Air Force Reserve service as Maintenance Officer of the 89th Fighter Bomber Wing (FBW), Mills was the Aeronautical Inspector for the State of New Hampshire.

01 Nov 55-Grenier AFB assigned to 1st Air Force (AF), Continental Air Command (CONAC). The 2235th Air Reserve Flying Center was activated at Grenier to oversee control of the airbase and its tenant units. Lt. Col. Robert A Carter commanded the 2235th, Lt. Col. Raymond G. Thompson was the 2235th Director of Operations.

01 Jan 56-Grenier AFB assigned aircraft strength was six Beech C-45 Expeditor and 2 Curtiss C-46 Commando transports.

15 Feb 56-Lt. Col. Robert W. Myers relieved as Commanding officer, Grenier AFB, by Col. Allen L. Erickson.

17 Feb 56-Major aircraft accident took place at Grenier AFB involving C-45H 52-10694. No injuries or casualties were sustained.

Mar 56-Grenier AFB began receiving its rations from Portsmouth, NH.

22 Mar 56-Major aircraft accident took place at Grenier AFB involving C-46 41-12381. No injuries or casualties were sustained.

01 Apr 56-CONAC initiated stock reduction program, which required processing thousands of surplus items to be turned into depot. This activity was hampered by the loss of 12 Base Supply people during this period. Base Supply started the period with 35 enlisted men and 32 civilians.

Apr 56-C-46 Mobile Training Unit arrived and classes for all military and civilian mechanics and specialists were begun.

23 Apr 56-Major aircraft accident took place at Grenier AFB involving non-assigned C-47 (VC-47D) 43-49408, which crashed on takeoff. There were several injuries, no fatalities. This aircraft was considered a total loss, though it flew later in civilian hands as N7868B.

In preparation for a busy Air Force Reserve summer encampment period at Grenier AFB, 24 barracks were renovated and furnished. Among the establishments and units scheduled to perform their summer encampments at Grenier AFB were:
16 June-30 June, 445th Fighter Bomber Wing, Niagara Falls, NY
01 July-15 July, 436th Troop Carrier Wing, Brooklyn, NY
07 July-21 July, 102nd Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, RI ANG
12 August-26 August, 89th Fighter Bomber Wing, Hanscom AFB, MA
18 August-01 September, 267 Comm Squadron, MA ANG, Wellesley, MA
16 July-10 August, MA and RI CAP units.

01 Jul 56-The 81st TCS was assigned five C-45 and 4 C-46 aircraft. Flying training consisted of local transition flights, instrument flights, and cross-country flights.

Jul-Dec flying hours accumulated by 81st TCS were 3318.15. C-45H 52-10567 248:25 hrs; C-45H 52-10568 182:00 hrs. Northeast airlines logged 660 landings during this period.

16 Aug 56-A Lockheed F-80C assigned to the 89th Fighter Bomber Wing crashed, taking the life of Capt. Samuel B. Bellevue.

1957-Grenier AFB had been selected as a major training facility in the equipping of Air Force reserve organizations with more modern aircraft, principally the Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar. A transition school for this type aircraft was established at Grenier, and many reserve units from the northeast would rotate their personnel and equipment through this school during the latter half of the year.

28 Feb 57-The first of 18 Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar medium transports arrived to equip the 81st TCS. This aircraft, 51-8041 was built by Fairchild at Hagerstown, MD.

July 57-The C-119G transition school was attended by personnel of the 81st TCS and 436th TCW. During this period these units flew 1191 hours, and accomplished 1767 landings in the C-119.

August 57-The 512th TCS from Wilmington, DE attended the transition school, flying the C-119 for 993 hours and 1320 landings.

01 Sep 57-The C-119G conversion program at Grenier AFB was declared completed. A total of 190 pilots were certified in the C-119 in under three months. A similar program was conducted at the same time by the 2252nd ARFC at Clinton Co. AFB, OH.

Oct 57- Two C-46s (44-77766 and 44-78401) were flown to Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ for storage.
01 Oct 57-15 Oct 57-Fifteen enlisted men and 26 civilian workers from the 2234th ARFC at Hanscom AFB, MA were on temporary duty at Grenier AFB for C-119 aircraft maintenance OJT training.
26 Oct 57-Two 81st TCS C-119s flew to Forbes AFB, Kansas to pick up large generators which were then delivered to Loring AFB, ME.

15 Nov 57-The 81st TCS was inactivated in accordance with First Air Force order #65. The 732nd TCS was activated on the same day in accordance with First Air Force order #62. Manning document was USAF General Order #54, 24 Oct 57. Authorized strength was 56 Officers, 2 Warrant Officers, and 393 enlisted men. To the military personnel of the flying squadron, in effect this simply meant they were now members of the 732nd TCS, there being no change of personnel or equipment. The 732nd was assigned to the 94th TCW at Hanscom AFB, MA. The mission of the 732nd was to become manned, equipped, and operationally ready to provide airlifts for troops and equipment to theatres of operation, either by parachute or air landings, and to provide airlift support for such forces until they could be supplied by other means.

Dec 57-Most C-45 aircraft were transferred out. Tactical Air Command (TAC) gained 52-10694, 52-10913, 52-10942; Dobbins AFB, GA gained 52-10693, and Mitchel AFB, NY gained 52-10921. The Air Force originally recieved a total of 432 of these 6-seat C-45H Expeditors, all of which were remanufactured from earlier AT-7 and AT-11 trainers of WW II vintage.

25 Mar 58-High-level reorganization of reserve forces resulted in resources of 1st Air Force, CONAC, which included Grenier AFB, to be assigned to 14th Air Force at Robins AFB, GA.


C-119 aircraft assigned 732nd TCS(as seen on photo of maintenance status board 1957-58)

C-119F 51-2676

C-119F 51-2715

C-119F 51-7975

C-119F 51-7982

C-119F 51-7990

C-119F 51-7994

C-119F 51-8000

C-119F 51-8003

C-119F 51-8006

C-119F 51-8007

C-119F 51-8008

C-119F 51-8020

C-119J 51-8052

C-119G 51-8086

C-119F 51-8110

C-119G 52-5852

C-119G 52-5919

C-119G 53-3212

08 June 58-Two NH ANG F-86L Sabrejets of Grenier's 133rd FIS were destroyed in a crash. Both pilots escaped with minor injuries.

01 Jan 58-01 Jul 58-Flying hours accumulated by C-119G aircraft of the 732nd TCS for the period was 2,356:25.

Jun 58-Transient traffic for first half of year averaged 120 aircraft per month.
17-31 Aug 58-During summer encampment, the following activities were noted: 7-ship C-119 flight to Pope AFB, NC aor airdrop; 3 single-ship overwater training flights to Kindley AFB, Bermuda; 2 Civil Air Patrol (CAP) airlift flights; 2 three-ship flights to Lewiston, ME airshow; 3 C-119s remaining at Grenier helped search for Cessna missing on Grenier AFB-Willamantic, CT flight; engine replacement at Maxwell AFB, AL. 732nd was committed to 400 hrs flight time but actually flew more than 500 during period.

01 Jul 58-Personnel strength: 49 of 58 officer positions filled; 258 of 393 enlisted positions filled.

28 Aug 58-Twelve C-119G aircraft from 94th TCW tested Hurricane Evacuation plan by flying to Baer Field, Ft. Wayne, IN. All aircraft returned to Grenier AFB by 31 Aug.

1958 Grenier AFB Summer Encampments
101st FIG NH ANG Grenier AFB ANG area 05-19 Jul
512th TCW New Castle, DE 05-19 Jul
459th TCW Andrews AFB, MD 02-17 Aug
103rd Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron (AC&WS) CT ANG 02-16 Aug
265 Comm Squadron ME ANG 02-16 Aug
94 TCW Hanscom AFB, MA 17-31 Aug
732nd TCS Grenier AFB, NH 17-31 Aug

01 Jul 58-30 Sep 58-Aircraft assigned to Grenier AFB: 16 C-119G; 2 C-199J; 2 C-54. Pilots of the 732nd TCS flew 1644 hrs. in C-119, and 106 hrs. in the C-54 in third quarter of the year.
01 Jul-30 Sep 58-The 732nd operated 16 C-119Gs, 2 C-119Js, and 2 C-45s. The latter were mainted for the Maine Civil Air Patrol(CAP) and the New Hampshire CAP.

01 Jul-30 Sep 58-Flying hours for 732nd TCS totaled 1654 in C-119s, and 107 in C-45s.

01 Oct 58-The 2235th Air Base Squadron took command of Grenier AFB. This coincided with the introduction of Air Reserve Technician (ART) program throughout AFR. ART program enabled a staff of civil service employees to operate AFR units during the week who would become training cadre for reservists during monthly Unit Training Assemblies (UTA). Manning this unit were 30 officers, 147 enlisted men(EM), 1 warrant officer, and 319 civilians. A single C-47 transport was assigned to the 2235th.

Dec 58-Operation "Swift Lift," in effect since Apr 57, involved commitment of 40 AFR C-119 aircraft nationwide to support regular Air Force airlift demands. Recap of activities showed that between 01 Apr 58-30 Sep 58 the 732nd TCS flew 21 "Swiftlift" missions, transporting 166,055 lb. over 73,186 miles accrued 459:45 flt. hrs.

Long-range Communications capability at Grenier AFB was comprised of one Aircomnet teletype circuit. This station was a tributary of the major relay at Ft. Ritcher, MD. Also, TWX service was available through a line to the Western Union office in Manchester. Additional Aircomnet traffic was generated due to the local runway alert status of the NH ANG's 101st Fighter Interceptor Group (FIG).
Grenier AFB Real Estate asset list Dec 58
LOCATION SIZE (in acres)
Air base proper 910 owned by federal government432.87 leased from City of Manchester
New Boston Bombing Range 2826.3
Radar range 23.10
Radio Range 21.20 Londonderry
Coal loading annex 11.56 Londonderry
Total 4225.03

2235th Air Base Squadron supported units/locations (late 1958)
Grenier AFB 3rd Weather Squadron Operate base weather station
" 101st Fighter Interceptor Group(FIG) NH ANG 133rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron (FIS)
" Det 110 3501 USAF recruiting Group
" 732nd TCS Airlift personnel and equipment
" 1917th Air and Airways Communication Squadron (AACS) Operate control tower
Off Base Mt. Washington Icing Research Annex, Air research and Development Command (ARDC)
Holy Cross College AFROTC Det 340
Dartmouth " Det 475
UNH " Det 480
Portland, ME 2629 Air Reserve Center

Mar 59-The 732nd TCS had flown 11,456 accident-free hrs. since first C-119 delivered to Grenier. Unit directed to transfer 5 C-119s to 328 TCS at Niagara Falls, NY and 2 C-119s to 327 TCS at NAS Willow Grove, PA. A single C-119 from the 732nd participated in a Canadian survey flight requested by CONAC. Aircraft flew from Grenier to Mitchel Field, NY to pick up additional crew. Over the course of a ten-day flight the aircraft was routed Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-Winnepeg-Churchill-North Bay-Mitchel Field.

19 Mar 59-The 2235th ARFC, commanded by LTC Robert A. Carter, was inactivated. With this, the C-119 aircraft on base were officially turned over to the 732nd Aircraft Maintenance Section.
Apr 59-Nine 732nd TCS subordinate units reorganized into detachments bearing number of parent wing (94th) at Hanscom AFB, MA. Supply personnel unable to keep up with workload because much of this work had been done by 2235th ABS personnel. Unit manning document (UMD) change requested for 3 additional supply positions.

16 Jun 59-Inspectors from 14th AF found Grenier On Job Training (OJT) program, personnel reports, testing procedures, maintenance of personnel records, and personnel administration were unsatisfactory. Base leaders attributed this to temporary disruption brought about by the implementation of ART program.

01 Jul 59-31 Dec 59-Mission types flown during period by 732nd were 1084 proficiency, 42 qualification, 38 transition, 14 overwater navigation training. In addition, 20 "Swift Lift," and 28 "Directed Opportune" missions were flown. Flight hours totaled 1758, all accident-free.

Synthetic Trainer in use 5 days/wk under direction of Mr.

The 732nd TCS had 307 men assigned of which 85 were in ART positions.

Six 732nd members supported 94th TCW in Third CONAC Troop Carrier Rodeo at Ellington AFB, TX.

An officer from 732nd TCS attended advanced survival course at Stead AFB, NV. Two officers attended Arctic survival training course at Ladd AFB, AK.

08 Oct 59-The 6594th Instrument Squadron, Ballistic Missile Division, ARDC activated at Grenier AFB. Operating location of unit is New Boston, NH. As a result of this active Air Force unit's presence at Grenier, the 2235th ABS became the 2235th Air Base Group(ABG) in order to provide support.

Oct 59-Det 1, 11th Aerial Port Squadron (APS) activated at Grenier AFB. Unit comprised of Air Traffic Controllers and aircraft loadmasters. Though unit reported to Mitchell Field in NY, Grenier was responsible for all support, including recruiting.

20-21 Dec 59-Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI) conducted at Grenier by 14th AF inspectors.
Grenier's 94th Air Police Squadron deemed unable to perform its mission. Col. Mills relieved officer in charge, and MSgt. marshall assumed leadership of Det.
Aircraft maintenance was hampered by lack of an ART maintenance officer in either of the two open positions. Lack of hangar space hampered routine C-119 mission aircraft maintenance. Building T-620 was made available for this purpose, it was claimed by the active Air Force's 2235th ABS, for housing their sole C-47 aircraft.

Aircraft In-Commission rates Jul-Dec 59
Jul 61% Oct 80%
Aug 84% Nov 71%
Sep 86% Dec 80%

01 Jan 60-30 Jun 60-The 732nd TCS still supported by 2235th ABG. The latter unit still used building T-620 for their C-47. Winter weather hampered 732nd maintenance personnel who were tasked with removal of "Arctic Red" paint from the C-119s and application of "conspicuosity paint."

732nd TCS "Switft Lift" mission tasking Jan-Jun 60
Missions flown 15 Ton miles 54,131
Sorties flown 72 Troops dropped 1,690
Passengers(Pax) flown 180 Mi. flown 38,793
Pax miles flown 262,613 Flying Hrs. 257:55
Lb. cargo 52,940

In addition to missions above, higher command directed a specific C-119 be ferried to a unit in Europe by AFR crew.

Total 732nd hrs. flown for period 1155:10.

Night flying activity hampered by failure of contractor to install taxiway lights.

732nd TCS and subordinate unit manning figures Jun 60
Officer Enlisted Civilian
Authorized Assigned Authorized Assigned
71 48 383 261

01 Jul 60-31 Dec 60-

Four new pilots performed 5-day active duty (AD) tours for C-119 qualification.

"Ready Swap" and "Swiftlift" missions had ended.

Lack of radio-dispatched vehicles hampered flight line maintenance activities. Specialists had to walk to phone to call dispatch.

"Swordfish" missions were introduced during period. These were certification for Western Electric Semi-Automated Ground Environment (SAGE) sectors. This was in support of US Air Defence interceptor forces.

15 Jul 60-The 732nd TCS reassigned directly to CONAC due to inactivation of 14th AF.
13-27 Aug 60-Summer encampment, 732nd TCS.
The 732nd was tasked to provide air transport for headquarters personnel and equipment, a
mission that involved 13 C-119s.

Ten C-119s were flown to Shaw AFB, NC to participate in "Pine Cone III", the largest Army-
Air Force exercise to date. The missions accounted for 196:20 flt. hrs and involved heavy
airdrop and resupply.
Crews that remained at Grenier flew 4 overwater training flights via Miami and the Texas
Tower route.

Search mission flown locally for light aircraft missing on Monpelier, VT-
Concord, NH flight.

Nine-ship flyover was performed at the annual wing review.

15 Oct 60-The 732 TCS took over responsibility for the Comm Center. Personnel strength in that facility dropped from 23 to just 5. This limited operation to 8 hrs. day/5 days per week. Commercial operation of teletype relay began.

15 Oct 50-The 732nd TCS took over responsibility for Transient Alert crews who had serviced 56 aircraft by years end.

26 Dec 60-2235 ABG inactivated. The 732nd TCS took over as manager of all Grenier Field units, including those supported offbase.

The 1917th AACS tower personnel reported 2131 takeoffs, of which 1907 were military during period.

Two new AR/S32A refuelling units (115/145 avgas) recieved at Grenier. Excess JP-4 transferred to Pease AFB, NH. CONAC authorized conversion of all JP-4 tanks to 115/145 avgas.

Base Supply Officer and Transportation Officer, along with two other active Air Force positions civilianized when assigned to civil service positions. This was part of ongoing "civilianization" of Air Force reserve bases.

Two motor vehicle accidents were reported. A snow removal truck overturned after it slide on an icy incline. An 011A crash truck was damaged when it deperted the fire station with a compartment door open. Fire station door also sustained damage.

Aircraft In-Commission rates Jul-Dec 60 (15 C-119G aircraft assigned)
Jul 79% Oct 79%
Aug 84% Nov 80%
Sep 65% Dec 81%

732nd TCS Flight-rated personnel status 31 Dec 60(15 crews/4 flights)
Pilot Navigator Flight Mechanic Radio Operator
27 8 15 5

732nd TCS supported units/locations 31 Dec 60
Grenier AFB 3rd Weather Squadron (MATS) Operate base weather station
" 9 subordinate Dets 94TCW Support operation of base and all its equipment
Det 1, 11th APS ATC/Loadmasters
" 157th Air Transport Group (ATG) NH ANG 133rd Air Transport Squadron (ATS) (C-97 Stratofreighters)
" 2491st Air Force Reserve Sector
" Air Force-CAP Laison office
" 1917th Air and Airways Communication Squadron (MATS) Operate control tower
New Boston, NH 6594th Instrument Squadron

732nd TCS and subordinate unit manning figures Dec 60
Officer Enlisted Civilian
Authorized Assigned Authorized Assigned
73 48 387 287 165

1 Jan 61-30 Jun 61-
Mitchel AFB in New York inactivated. This increased responsibility of Grenier AFB 5-man civilian personnel office. The civilian workers serviced by the office jumped from 378 to 583.

Hanscom AFB, MA slated to assume support responsibility for 6594th Instrument Squadron, but distance from that base made plan unworkable. Grenier AFB required to supply housing, messing and fuel to 6594th .

Feb 61-Crew from 732nd TCS ferried a C-119 from Dreux, France to Grenier AFB at request of higher command.

Five C-119s from 732nd TCS supported 94 TCW in "Operation Mohawk Arrow" when they transported 2nd Infantry Brigade from Griffis AFB, NY to Camp Drum, NY.

Fourteen C-119s from 732nd TCS delivered to overhaul depot at St. Augustine, FL. All were delivered on or before their scheduled arrival date at depot.

Five overwater training flights were conducted. Some went to Newfoundland, while others went to Bermuda.

A 732nd crew participated in "Operation Solidarity" when they flew from Grenier AFB, NH., to Pope AFB, NC., to Key West, FL., and on to Albrook AB, Canal Zone to provide airlift for Rio Pact firepower demonstration.

Three "Swordfish" missions were flown in support of SAGE sectors.

Four airdrop support missions were flown.

"Synthetic Trainer" operated by Mr. Cleo Hurley for 732nd pilot training. Running time 405 hrs.

732nd Flying Hours totaled 1475:40 for period.

1917th AACS reported total of 11,363 takeoffs at Grenier AFB for period.

20 May 61-Armed Forced Day open house with six-ship C-119 flyover by 732nd TCS. The 464th TCS at Pope AFB, NC sent a C-123 Provider as static display, and the 63rd TCS at Donaldson AFB, SC supplied a C-124 Globemaster.

732nd TCS Flight-rated personnel status 30 Jun 61
Pilot Navigator Flight Mechanic Radio Operator
31 11 18 4

Aircraft In-Commission rates Jan-Jun 61 (18 C-119G aircraft assigned)
Jan 86.5% Apr 90.4%
Feb 73.7% May 87.1%
Mar 86.7% Jun 91.3%

01 Jul 61-31 Dec 61-
01 Jul 61-Reparable Center established at Grenier AFB for purpose of providing depot level overhaul of aircraft control surfaces for 90 C-119 aircraft. In addition to the resident 732nd TCS, AFR C-119 squadrons at Hanscom AFB, MA., Stewart AFB, NY., McGuire AFB, NJ., and Bradley Field, CT were supported by the center.

06-20 Aug 61-Summer encampment at Grenier AFB for 94th TCW.

18 Sep 61-Support agreement between Military Air Transport Service (MATS) of which NH ANG's 157th ATG was a part, and CONAC for support of the ANG unit, which was about to be activated due to Cuban Missile Crisis.

19 Sep 61-Hurricane warning resulted in evacuation of 14 C-119s to Baer Field, Ft. Wayne, IN.

01 Oct 61-NH ANG's 157th ATG activated for federal duty.

10 Oct 61- CONAC commander General Gordon A. Blake visited Grenier AFB.

16-22 Oct 61-A single C-119 from 732nd TCS participated in "Operation Apache" troop drop at Ft. Jackson, SC.

20-22 Oct 61-C-119 overwater training flight to Bermuda was conducted.

Oct 61-CONAC inspection found ground training section at Grenier AFB to be unsatisfactory.

05 Dec 61-Col. John I. Moore, Base Commanding Officer at Grenier Field between 1941 and 1948 died at Montgomery, AL.

Base supply initiated War Readiness Materials (WRM) program. A Monday-Friday Logair truck run to Pease AFB, NH was conducted.

Fallout shelters were established in bldgs T-312 and T-313 in former base hospital compound, and in bldgs T-907, T-908 and T-909 in former Ammunition storage area.

732nd TCS Flying Hours for period totaled 2083:10.

All 18 C-119s received new paint scheme which included flourescent paint on nose, tail, and wings. Solar reflective white was applied to all cabin roofs. All stencils and markings, including 94 TCS shield were applied to fuselage.

The 3rd Weather Det integrated with 101st Weather Flight at Grenier. These units provided base with weather forcasting for air aircraft clearances, a capability previously not available at Grenier AFB.

New Ammon Terminal completed. USAF control tower function slated to be moved there.

1917 AACS reported 13,708 takeoffs and landings during 6 month period.

Six C-119s returned from St. Augustine depot, which completed Inspect and Repair As Necessary (IRAN) program for 732nd TCS.

Eleven "Swordfish" missions flown in support of SAGE sectors.

Maintenance activities centered around hydraulic shop, which was busy with historic C-119 landing gear shimmy problem. New aircraft brakes showed premature wear and required shims. Main Landing Gear (MLG) door swivels required removal, lubrication and reinstallation. Grenier personnel developed aircraft modification that involved installation of grease fitting, which allowed reduction of time spent on door swivel problem. Modification later approved for all C-119 aircraft.

732nd TCS and subordinate unit manning figures 31 Dec 61
Officer Enlisted Civilian
Authorized Assigned Authorized Assigned
75 53 436 351

1 Jan 62-30 Jun 62-
1 Jan 62- Det 1, 1917th AACS at Grenier assigned directly to Air Force Communications Service (AFCS).

732nd TCS flying hours for period totaled 1601:50; Ton miles flown, 39,443; Troops dropped, 2,853; Cargo dropped, 8,790 lb.; Cargo airlifted, 130,318 lb.

ART personnel changed 6 engines and performed 6 engine tear-downs. 3 engines rebuilt, 3 engines partially-rebuilt.

Parachute shop inspected 720 personal parachutes.

Flotation shop inspected 12 twenty-man life rafts, 110 one-man life rafts, 130 life preservers.

Sheet metal shop busy with Air Force Tech Order (AFTO) 1C-119-664 that involved removal and replacement of heater exhaust stacks.

Machine shop worked on cracked MLG lugs, spinner discharge valve, and grease fitting installation on MLG door drivers.

Synthetic Trainer model P-3A/AP-2, was utilized for 101 ILS; 79 TACAN; 59 VOR; 14 ADF; 8 GCA; 6 Aural Null; 2 LF range approaches. Capt. Paul A. Wriggle was supervisor of the device. Operations and Training Officer was Maj. George S. Crecenti.

732nd TCS Flight-rated personnel status 01 Jan 62
Pilot Navigator Flight Mechanic Radio Operator
34 7 20 4

Aircraft In-Commission rates Jan-Jun 62 (18 C-119G aircraft assigned)
Jan 78% Apr 81.8%
Feb 72% May 80.4%
Mar 89.4% Jun 71.3%

28 Apr 62-Grenier AFB provided two tanker firetrucks and one pump truck to help fight forest fire near Concord, NH. Base fore department also responded to a bruch fire in Manchester, and a house fire in Manchester.

19 May 62-Grenier AFB hosted approx. 9,000 people at the annual Armed Forces Day open house. Food concession proceeds went to NH Association for the Blind. The Officer's Club was the scene of luncheon for astronaught Alan B. Shepard. A C-119 flyover was staged, and the engine shop displayed a cutaway of the Flying Boxcar's R-3350-89 in Bldg. T-413.

1 Jul 62-31 Dec 62-
15 Jul 62-CONAC team arrived to implement USAF Base Equipment Management Office (BEMO) concept. Position of Chief of Supply would track all host and tenant equipment by serial number.

During period all 100/130 Avgas was to be eliminated. This would allow storage of 25,000 Gal. additional 115/145 Avgas on base.

21 civil service employees of Sacramento Air Materiel Area who work in support of 2491st Instrument Squadron at New Boston Air Force Station (AFS) due to be released from their jobs. Some of those with seniority were expected to replace junior Grenier AFB supply personnel.

Logistic truck runs continues through period on a weekly basis. 5 to Pease AFB, NH., 4 to Ogan Airport, MA., and 2 to Hingham, MA.

Airdrops were conducted at Ft. Bragg, NC., and Ft. Campbell, KY., in support of 82nd Airborne Division and 101st Airborne Division Army troops.

Overwater training flights continues with missions to Ramey AFB, PR., Kindley AFB, Bermuda, and Harmon AB, Labrador.

Jul 62-Up to 40 "Reverse Freedom Riders," negroes from the American south, were expected in the Manchester area. The small number that arrived were housed in barracks at Grenier AFB.

Jul-Aug 62-731st TCS from Hanscom AFB, MA., and 732nd TCS from Grenier AFB, NH., airlifted 619th USAF Hospital from Hanscom AFB to Chanute AFB, IL for the medical unit's annual training period.

24 Jul 62-New control tower at Ammon Terminal commenced operation. Installation of ATC equipment performed by Air Force Logistic Command's (AFLC) 2681st Ground Electronics
Engineering and Installation Agency (GEEIA) squadron.

06-20 Aug 62-"Switft Strike II" joint Army-Air Force exercise conducted at Ft. Bragg, NC in support of Strike Command. 732nd TCS flew 40:00 hours and airlifted 12,740 lb. equipment and 48 passengers during redeployment phase.

31 Aug 62-The 732nd TCS earned Tactical Air Command's (TAC) Unit Achievement Award for accident-free flight safety record for period 1 Sep 61-31- Aug 62. Also on this date, the 157th ATG, NH ANG was released from federal Active Duty. The supporting Air Guardsmen assigned to Grenier AFB were returned to state control.

06-12 Sep 62- The 9th AF and 1st AF Reserve Region jointly conducted ORI of 94th TCW. The 732nd TCS received an Outstanding rating in the Corridor Mission requirement, for flying 28 of 24 tasked missions. During the first personnel and equipment drop at Ft. Drum, NY., one parachute malfunction occurred, while during the second mission 18 of 18 drops went smoothly. The maximum effort on 9 Sep 62 resulted in 23 of 24 missions flown. Simulated nuclear weapons handling, which tested unit's ability to receive, ground transport and safeguard nuclear weapons and components was rated satisfactory. Four C-119s were converted to Medevac configuration during the ORI. Both inspecting organizations rated the 94th TCW as Satisfactory, which brought the combat rating back up to C-2.

15 Sep 62-The 9116th Air Force Reserve Recovery (AFRR) squadron relocated from Concord, NH., to Grenier AFB. During period 13 recovery missions flown for training of these squadrons. In the event of war, these units were tasked with aircraft and flight crew decontamination, medical assistance, aircraft refueling and minor maintenance, security of assets, communication service, and weather data support for combat aircraft that had flown to dispersal airports within the Continental United States (CONUS).

Also during period 10 "CON-TAC" missions flown in support of TAC. This was accomplished through the use of CONAC "man days," which allowed pay and support for reserve aircrew who flew missions to a variety of US military facilities.

Nine SAGE "Swordfish" missions were flown during period.

16-19 Sep 62- Thirteen Grenier AFB personnel supported Troop Carrier Rodeo at Ellington AFB, TX.

Runway resurfacing and installation of new ANG taxiway completed during period.

28 Oct 62-28 Nov 62-94th TCW and its subordinate units ordered to AD in response to Cuban Missile Crisis. Det 1, 1st AF Reserve Region activated at Grenier AFB to operate base in the event the 732nd TCS and its supporting units departed on reassignment. Lt. Col. Donald R. Defoe, 2492st AF Reserve Sector Commanding Officer named to replace Lt. Col. Gardner Mills as Base Commander when Mills assumed full-time role of 732nd TCS Commander. Base personnel worked 12 hour shists/7 days per week until 5 November, when they assumed 10 hour /7 days week shifts. 5 ART and 6 reservists assigned to BEMO which received Uniform clothing in bulk from Pease AFB, NH., for issue to Grenier AFB personnel.

Maintenance Activities during 732nd TCS Active Duty 28 Oct 62-28 Nov 62
Qty Description
569.40 Flight hours, no aborts. 18 C-119G and 2 C-119J aircraft assigned
5 Periodic aircraft inspections
13 Post Flight inspections
4 Engine buildups
8 MLG shimmy discrepancies eliminated
12 Heater write-ups eliminated
36/10 MLG tires built up/nose gear tires built up.
8 Propeller TOs complied with
32 Control surfaces overhauled
22 20 Man rafts built up
75 Life vests built up
115 Parachutes packed
24 Quality Control inspections accomplished
12 Flight line personnel trained in run-up and taxy procedures
5,500 Maintenance forms and man-hour data forms processed
1,368 Supply documents processed
292 Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) items dispatched
all Instrument discrepancies cleared

By 0930 hours on the first morning of activation, 732nd TCS reported 34 pilots, 7 navigators, 20 flight mechanics and 5 radio operators with C-1 rating on active duty. Flight crews assigned to 24-hour alert duty ready to depart on directed missions. During AD, 6 pilots and 2 navigators received voluntary AD extensions and were transferred to Pease AFB. 6 EM received voluntary AD extensions and were to be transferred to other CONUS bases, while 7 others received release from AD due to hardship. The loss of activated officers who went on extended active duty caused the combat rating of the 94th TCW to drop from C-2 to C-3.

22 Nov 62-Aircraft reciprocating engine mechanics removed from aircraft maintenance section and placed under operations.

01 Jan 63-30 Jun 63-
732nd TCS and subordinate unit manning figures 1 Jan 63
Officer Enlisted
Authorized Assigned Authorized Assigned
75 36 436 347

Period began with 18 C-119G aircraft and two C-119J models. The latter two (51-8144 and 52-5896) were sent to storage in Arizona.

08 Feb 63-(02nd TAC Dispensary activated at Grenier AFB.

11 Feb 63-In a command-wide reorganization, the 902nd Troop Carrier Group (TCG) was activated at Grenier AFB. The 732nd TCS became a subordinate unit to that group, and most of the other units at Grenier that supported the 732nd TCS were assigned to the 902nd TCG. Lt. Col
Gardner W. Mills was appointed Commanding Officer, 902nd TCG.

Grenier AFB Unit Manning Document (UMD)
732nd TCS prior to assignment to 902nd TCG 732nd TCS after assignment to 902nd TCG 902nd Staff UMD
Authorized Position Assigned Authorized Position Assigned Authorized Position Assigned
61 Pilot 31 49 Pilot 22 12 Pilot 6
13 Nav 7 11 Nav 8 1 Nav 1
11 Radio 3 11 Radio 2 0 Radio 0
23 Flt Eng 14 22 Flt Eng 18 1 Flt Eng 1
2 Staff Pilot 2

13 Mar 63-Det 1, 11th APS integrated into 732nd TCS.

May 63-The 732nd TCS sustained its first aircraft loss when C-119G 51-7994 crashed on approach to Barnes Municipal Airport in Westfield, MA. This aircraft was replaced by 51-8103
received from 901st TCG at Hanscom AFB, MA.

C-119Gs 52-5852 and 53-8086 sent to Fairchil Co. at St. Augustine for overhaul and transfer to different unit.

03 Jun 63-Gen. Walter C. Sweeney, Jr., Commander TAC visited 902nd TCG.

Det 1, 2014th Communications Squadron assigned to Grenier vice 1917th Communications Squadron. !65 IFR approaches and 384 IFR departures.

Grenier AFB Traffic Countas reported by Det 1, 2014th Comm Squadron
Jan 2592
Feb 2326
Mar 3135
Apr 3059
May 4148
Jun 3641
IFR App 165
IFR Dep 384

During period 732nd TCS performed 1,400 troop drops at Ft. Bragg, NC., 46 troops and 580 lb. of cargo of the 11th Special Forces Group dropped at Ft. Devens, MA.

5 CON-TAC missions flown, and 61 Flt. hours devoted to "Swordfish" missions.

Synthetic trainer used for 114 ILS; 30 VOR; 34 ADF;7 RANGE; 4 TACAN; 7 GCA; 4 RDF approaches.

1 Jul 63-31 Dec 63-
03-17 Aug-902nd TCG participated in "Operation Swift Strike III," a joint Army/Air Force exercise that was held in the Carolinas.

902nd TCG flying time for the period was 2070 hours.

4 CON-TAC missions flown during period and 1 "Swordfish" mission flown.

Grenier AFB Traffic Countas reported by Det 1, 2014th Comm Squadron
Jul 4080
Aug 4176
Sep 3943
Oct 3862
Nov 2583
Dec 2283
IFR App 293
IFR Dep 443

902nd TCG and subordinate unit manning figures 1 Jul 63
Officer Enlisted
Authorized Assigned Authorized Assigned
131 74 645 437

902nd TCG unit manning
Authorized Position Assigned
49 Pilot 28
12 Nav 12
11 Radio 6
24 Flt Eng 23
14 Staff Pilot 11

01 Oct 63-Organizational branch of aircraft maintenance organization created. This branch responsible for maintenance activities such as scheduled inspections, unscheduled maintenance, corrosion control, and landing gear work.

During period the engine shop gained 15 people. This section accomplished 7 engine build-ups, 4 engine tear-downs and six engine changes.

Speed Ring problem was major task of airframe repair section. One person sent to St. Augustine to help find fix for this problem.

Petroleum branch mission for the period was to supply fuel for 16 C-119s of the 732nd TCS (average flight time=16 hours per month), and 7 C-97s of the NH ANG's 133 Air Transport Squadron (ATS) (average flight time=63 hours per month).

Capt. John C. Riley, 902nd Maintenance Officer work on MLG shimmy problem during this period. His team found many out of tolerance parts. For those that were undersize, they devised a plating to oversize process, and remachined the parts to proper size and tolerance. This effectively brought the historic C-119 landing gear problem under control. Capt. Riley and SSgt. Bunker were sent to Hill AFB, UT to assist in preparation of Time Compliance Tech Order to be used by all C-119 units.
CONAC Form 368 Report of tenant activities at Grenier AFB 31 Dec 63
UNIT Officers Enlisted Civilians
157 ATG NH ANG 90 566 142
902nd TCG AFR 74 437 276
6594th Instrument Sqd 25 331 44
2491st Air Reserve Sector 8 9 15
Reservists assigned to sector 16 10
CAP laison 1 1
2014-1 Comm Squadron 0 2 9
Det 53, 3rd Weather Sqdn 0 0 4
9116th ARRS 0 2 0
Reservists assigned 9116th 2 19 0
USAF active duty advisors 2
TOTAL=2085 216 1379 490

13 Dec 63-Lt. Col. Gardner Mills received a phone call from the Pentagon advising of plans to move 902nd TCG to Pease AFB, NH by Jun 66.

1 Jan 64-30 Jun 64-
22 Jan 64-First meeting base officials and Manchester area officials about proposed relocation of 902 TCG to Pease AFB took place at Ammon terminal. Control tower and crash rescue responsibilities discussed.

06 Feb 64-Agreement reached between 94 TCW and officials at OTIS AFB, MA to hold summer camp at the Cape Cod base between 19 Jul 64-2 Aug 64.

15 Feb 64-Det 1, 11th APS Squadron redesignated 902nd Aerial Port Flight.

During period 902nd TCG operated 16 C-119G aircraft that flew for a total of 1599 hours.

The 732nd TCS participated in 3 airborne support missions at Ft. Bragg, NC., and Lawson AAF, GA., during which 294 paratroopers were dropped. 8 troops of Ft. deven's 11th Special Forces Gp. were dropped at Westover AFB, MA.

The 732nd TCS accomplished 2 "Dispersal Aircraft Recovery and Reconstitution" missions under direction of 2491st Reserve Sector. One of the missions was at the 9123rd ARRS at Portland, M., while the other was at the 9121st ARRS, Sanford, ME.

USAF personnel from Dow AFB, ME., Griffis AFB, NY., and Westover AFB, MA., were airlifted to Aerospace Medical Association Convention in Miami Beach, FL.

One non-flight accident occurred when civilian base employee struck aircraft wing with M2B de-icer truck.

The 732nd TCS was presented with the TAC Achievement Award for the third time.

Grenier's flight control Resurfacing Center initiated work on C-119 control surfaces for the 914th TCS at Niagara Falls, NY., in lieu of the 903rd TCG at McGuire AFB, NJ. Other groups assigned to the Grenier Center were the 901st At Hanscom AFB, MA., 904th at Stewart AFB, NY., and the 905th at Bradley Field, CT. The 7 people assigned to the Center completed 14 elevators; 19 rudders; and 38 ailerons.

Transient Alert was manned by 5 people 16 hours/day.

Flight Line consisted of 1 Line Chief in charge of 8 mechanics divided into two flights.

The Petroleum Branch operated 16 hours/day 7 days/week. This section issued 1,045,779 gal of 115/145 avgas; 58,671 gal of automotive gasoline; and 18,785 gal. of avoil.

The 902nd TAC Dispensary consisted of 3 Officers and 15 Enlisted personnel. They performed 96 flying physicals; 53 enlistment physicals; 41 periodic physicals; 2 commission physicals; 950 immunizations; 481 lab tests; and 250 dental surveys during period.

No "Swordfish" missions flown during this 6 month period

902nd TCG Unit Manning Document 1 Jan 64
ART positions in paren Authorized Assigned
UNIT Officer Enlisted Officer Enlisted
732nd TCS 63(4) 42(17) 40(4) 31(17)
HQ 902nd TCG 20(3) 19(1) 14(2) 12(1)
902nd Material Sq 13(1) 280(52) 10 199(48)
902nd Combat Support Sq. 29(1) 256(6) 10 199(48)
902nd TAC Dispensary 4 15(1) 4 9(1)
Det 1, 11th APS 1 29 1 14
TOTAL 1 Jan 64 130(8) 641(77) 97(7) 436(73)
TOTAL 30 Jun 64 131(9) 653(77) 96(7) 509(73)

Grenier AFB Traffic Countas reported by Det 1, 2014th Comm Squadron
Jan 2244
Feb 2438
Mar 2713
Apr 2456
May 3822
Jun 3191
IFR App 191
IFR Dep 444

01 Jul 64-31 Dec 64-
732nd TCS equipped with 16 C-119G aircraft for period. Flew 1655 hours of 1698 alotted.

Aircraft movements for period totalled 18,230, with 302 IFR approaches and 654 IFR departures recorded.

C-119 aircraft in commision rate for period was 82.1%.

902nd TCG continued to prepare for move to Pease AFB, NH.

NH ANG officials announced plans to move the 157th ATG from Grenier AFB to Pease AFB, NH on same schedule as 902nd TCG. The 6594th Instrument Squadron slated to remain at Grenier and New Boston.

19 Jul 64-The 94th TCW summer encampment at Otis AFB, MA began. 902nd TCG rated C-2. Camp included an ORI but flying phase had to be postponed until October 1964 due to weather.

Lt. Col. John C. Riley, Maintenance Squadron commander at the 902nd departed Grenier to become 305th TCS Commander at Selfridge AFB, MI.

902nd TCG and subordinate unit manning figures
Officer Enlisted
Authorized Assigned Authorized Assigned Date
126 96 667 509 1 Jul 64
129 97 667 553 31 Dec 64

The 732nd TCS provided a C-119 to 9121 AFRRS at Sanford, ME for recovery training.

The 817th Combat Support Group (CSG) requested 902nd TCG to airlift 8,400 lb. of firefighting foam due to aircraft emergency at Pease AFB.

During period 1,244 paratroops were dropped at Ft. Bragg, NC., and 24 troops from Ft. Devens, MA., were dropped at Providence, RI and Ft. Devens.

Synthetic trainer at Grenier AFB used 82 hours by 902nd TCG, and 201 hours by NH ANG, NH Army National Guard (ARNG) and 94th TCW.

Resurfacing center converted from fabric to fiberglass cloth for aircraft control surfaces.

The 902nd TAC Dispensary performed 41 flying physicals, 18 enlistments physicals, 121 periodic physicals, 5 commission physicals, 3,200 immunizations, 555 lab tests, and 183 dental surveys during period. During summer camp 4 people from the dispensary worked at the 551st USAF Hospital at Otis AFB, MA.

01 Jan 65-30 Jun 65-
Jan 65-Airborne Radio Operators positions dropped from UMD.

13 Feb 65-Maximum-effort "Alpha" mission successfully conducted by 732nd TCS with 10
C-119s during monthly Unit Training Assembly(UTA).

31 Mar 65-USAF decision to inactivate 43 AFR Recovery groups with 112 Recovery Squadrons caused many of the 50 members of the 9116th ARRS at Grenier AFB to be reassigned to units within the 902nd TCG.

Det 53, 3rd Weather Squadron assigned to Grenier AFB during period.

14 Apr 65-Article in Manchester Union Leader states 23 civilian employees at Grenier accepted positions at other bases due to base closure at Manchester.

22 Apr 65-It was announced this date that all 3 groups of the 94th TCW to perform summer camp at Grenier between 8 Jul 65-and 22 Aug 65.

02 May 65-Two USMC pilots died in crash of T-28 trainer in Derry, NH., shortly after takeoff from Grenier AFB.

08-15 May 65-The longest overwater flight conducted by the 732nd TCS took place when Lt. Col. Robert W. Fortnam and 7 crewmembers joined with 3 C-119s of the 514th TCW on a Goose Bay-Keflavik-Weathersfield, England flight. Round trip distance was 7722 miles.

15 May 65-An estimated 10,000 people attended annual Grenier AFB open house.

15 May 65-"Operation Minuteman," the 1st AF Reserve Region Airdrop competition took place at Stewart AFB, NY., in conjunction with Armed Forces Day program. Units of the 94th TCW and 514th TCW participated, and Grenier's 732nd TCS won the event.

30 Jun 65-Civilian Personnel Office on base servicing only 347 employees due to loss of servicing 905 TCG at Bradley Field, CT., and inactivation of the Recovery Group at Albany and Hartford.

Paradrops continued, with 846 troops dropped at Ft. Bragg, NC., and 4 troops from the 11th Special Forces Group dropped at Stewart AFB, NY.

During period 19,060 aircraft operations were reported by Comm Squadron.

The 902nd TCG supported 16 C-119G aircraft during period, whcih resulted in an in-service rate of 85.4% in spite of personnel loss due to impending closure of base.

The Petroleum section operated under reduced hours due to UMD change from 7 to 3 people. Two S32R2 refueling units were shipped to Viet Nam.

The 732nd TCS performed 1947 flying hours, of 1976 that were allotted the unit. In support of MATS/TAC 66 "Power Pack" missions flown for total of 297:25 hours.

01 Jul 65-25 Jan 66-
11 Jul-28 Aug 65-Units of 94th TCW performed summer camp at Grenier AFB. The 902nd TCG period 08-22 Aug 65 included an ORI that resulted in Satisfactory rating.

03 Jul 65-Private floatplane made emergency landing on Lake Massabesic.

21 Jul 65-Grenier AFB provided fire and crash equipment to Pease AFB to help in belly-landing of 393rd Bomb Squadron B-47 Stratojet that had circled the area over night to burn off fuel.

05 Nov 65-CONAC message OI/IMF 00229 received at Grenier AFB that spelled out the future
of the 902nd TCG as follows:

13-16 Nov 65-Eight C-119 aircraft ferried from Grenier AFB to the 926th TCG at NAS New Orleans, LA.

19 Nov 65-Eight C-119s ferried from Grenier AFB to the 906 TCG at Clinton Co. AFB, OH. The 902nd borrowed a C-119 from its parent wing at Hanscom Field to maintain aircrew proficiency. All but 2 aircrew members to be reassigned to other units.

11 Dec 65-The 10th Reunion of the 902nd TCG was held at Grenier AFB Officers Club.

13 Dec 65-P-3A/AP-2 synthetic trainer turned in to BEMO.

During period, CONAC required each TCG to supply one C-119 per week in support of MATS due to increased airlift responsibility related to Viet Nam war. 902nd TCG flew 104 sorties in support of this effort. This included missions to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and the Atlantic Missile Range sites.

902nd TCG flew 1,950 accident-free hours during period and maintained 88.3% aircraft availability.

Aircraft movements for the period totaled 23,588.

Dec 1965 UTA-The 902nd TCG closed down all operational aspects this drill weekend.

15 Jan 66-Det 6, 2200 Air Base Wing (ABW) activated by CONAC to perform caretaker functions at Grenier AFB. The airfield control tower was to be operated by AFCS until 1 Jul 66. Department of Defense proposed to move 6594th Instrument Squadron to vacated NH ANG buildings.

25 Jan 66-Special Order G-128 issued by CONAC officially inactivating the 902nd TCG as of this date.

30 Jan 66-Lt. Col. Gardner W. Mills departed Manchester for new assignment as Commanding Officer, 904 TCG at Stewart AFB, NY.



Lt. Col. Gardner W. Mills, Commander, 732nd Troop Carrier Squadron

81st Troop Carrier Squadron crew pose with their Curtiss C-46

The Curtiss C-46 Commando equipped the Air Force Reserve's 81st Troop Carrier Squadron at Grenier AFB from 1955 to 1957.
Photo: Charles N. Trask

81st TCS crew flying C-46A 42-96729 in the mid-1950s.

732nd TCS crew pose for the photographer as paratroopers board Fairchild C-119 Packets during annual exercise in the Carolinas.

Six-ship flyover during annual Armed Forces Day open house. The clamshell rear doors of the second aircraft from the left identify it as the unit's C-119J. Photo Paul S. Trask

1Lt. Bruce T. Cunningham and Capt. Charles Bardwell preflight their C-119 Packet on the wet Grenier AFB ramp

Roadside billboard displaying recruiting advertisment for parent 94th Troop Carrier Wing

Technicians perform maintenance on radio equipment during 1964 summer camp at Otis AFB, MA.

The Navy's Blue Angels performed with the nimble Grumman F-11F Tiger at Manchester's 1958 airshow. Photo Paul S. Trask

Taken from the roof of the reserve hangar, this photo shows the static display aircraft at the 1964 Manchester airshow.

The 732nd TCS operated aircraft 53-8156, the last C-119 built. It is seen in this view at Westover AFB, MA on 16 May 1964. Photo: Tom Hildreth

SSgt. Robert Draper awaits the arrival of pilot and navigator to fly the last C-119 out of Grenier AFB, NH.