Hannah's Gold products

"Sweeten the World One Bottle at a Time" This one-of-a kind, Grade A Medium Amber, Pure

Vermont Maple Syrup, is being dedicated to the desperately poor children of Kirindon,Kenya.

Through my partnership with World Vision, this project will be helping those in greatest need.

Profits from Hannah's Gold maple syrup and wrist bands go to support and bring

clean water to Kirindon .


Item #500 8.45 fl. oz. bottle: $16.00



Item #501 5 nip-sized bottles: $20.00


Item #504 Four different grades of nip-size: $16.00



Item #502 Goodness white wrist band: $8.00 (Made with organic cotton and hemp)

Item #503 Goodness black wrist band: $8.00 (Made with organic cotton and hemp)

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