The Lord of the Rings
By: Payton Byrd

Now here's a little story, I have to tell,
'Bout four bad hobbits you love so well.
  Started way off in a land of faries,
  With Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry.
Frodo had this real mean magic ring,
If the Dark Lord got it, he'd do his thing.
  Nine Black Riders were sent to get it,
  But Gandalf and Aragorn want to melt it.
Now Sam here has got a real tough job,
To see frodo nakes it on his jog.
  They got to a forest near the Shire,
  When Pippin and Merry began to tire.
Old Man Willow cast his spell,
Because, trees, hobbits like to fell.
  But Tom Bombadil saved the day,
  Chased the sleepiness right away.
They got to Bree and met with Strider,
He was a real tough dude, not scared of Black Riders.
  The five got to Weathertop, this real big hill,
  But three Black Riders went for the kill.
Frodo got stabbed, right in the shoulder,
When he fought back, his sword started to smoulder.
  Strider chased them all away, saved the day.
  He then got them all on their way.
Along the road they met Glorfindel,
Without his horses, things would have went to hell!
  Frodo passed out, and when he woke up,
  Bilbo was there to cheer him up.
His shoulder was feeling a hundred times better,

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