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Gear Division

Design and Manufacture of Powertrain Components and Systems

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Both internal and external gear forms.

Gear sizes to 18" diameter, 5" face width.

Pitch sizes 4 thru 120.

Furnish complete, or cut teeth only.

Create and interpret designs per ANSI Y14.5M-1994.

Prototypes, through production.

Reverse engineer and manufacture gears and shafting.

Non metallics are a specialty.

General machine work to suit.

Tooling design and build for turn-key systems.

Precision re-manufactured gear machinery per customer requirement.


8000 Sq. Ft. climate controlled, high security shop.

Fully Certified Gear Lab.

Intel based PC with AutoCad and advanced gear design software

Fellows Type 6A shaper (2)

Fellows Type 7 shaper (2)

Fellows Type 7A shaper (2)

Fellows No. 4 gear shaver

Fellows 12H lead instrument

Fellows 12M involute instrument

Fellows No. 8 microdex

Fellows N0. 4 Red Liner

Fellows fine pitch roll checker

Wilson 3R hardness tester

Starrett tooth verniers

Starrett 24" height stand

Calipers through 24"

Bore gages through 10"

20 ton hydraulic press



Mikron Model 79 hobber (2)

Pfauter P-400 hobber

Barber-Colman #3 hobber

Victor 16 x 40 engine lathe

Alliant 9 x 49 mill

Cincinnati 10 x 24 univ. grinder

Bridgeport 815 surface grinder

Gratomat gear deburrer

Oil grooving lathe

Sunnen cyl. hones, through 6" dia.

Multiple gage block sets

Micrometers through 12"

Surface plates up to 36" x 60"

No. 3 Greenard arbor press

Paint room and HVLP paint system


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