Happy Greenall Carriage House Customers


Martin Foxworthy of Metamora, MI.,driving his

tandem of Morgans at Walnut Hill to a natural

wood Skeleton Gig


Melissa Boyd of Michigan driving an Eagle to her Morgan.




Laurie Smigelski, Groton, Mass driving her warmblood to a Skeleton Gig, natural wood, cherry stain, brown iron

and russet harness.


Bruce and Olga Hausser driving their young Fell "Regal" to a

spindle seat Eagle

Helen Naylor, Aiken, SC, driving her Canadian mare to a natural wood Country Gig.


Mary Woolverton, Colorado, at the 2004 Colorado CDE

with her Morgan driving an Eagle to the

win in the Intermediate division





Linda Jowers driving her Morgan mare to a natural wood wicker Skeleton gig.


Donna Love driving "All Dun Twisting"

to an Eagle


Karen Harper driving her Haflinger to

an Eaglet. Photo by Jane Nopanen.

Jeff Kohler. RELHOK FARM, Port Carling, Ontario.

Driving his pair of ponies to an Eagle (pony size)

Phebe Alley and "Lady" to an Eaglet winning the

13 and Under Junior Class at the 2008 Lorenzo Driving Show



Dennis and Claire Root at the Nashoba Carriage Classic, Memphis, TN. Driving "Canton's Merrie Princess" and her sister "Canton's Bon Temps" to a burgundy Eagle with the large groom's stand.

Pat Shields, CT, driving her Connemara, Irish Park’s Royal Tara, to an Eaglet.  Their first driving show at Shepards Meadow - Reserve Champion in the Novice Division.

Maxine and Rio, Hanovarian mares owned and driven by

Annie Peyton, Vermont, to a wagonette

GMHA Reserve Champion Pair - 2009

Karen Wolsheimer driving her Meadowbrook cart at the

Haven Hill Driving Trial, Navasota, Texas


Jean Northrup, New Brunswick, Canada, driving her Welsh Cob to a painted Eagle with a two passenger rear seat

Karen Wolfsheimer driving a Meadowbrook at home in Louisiana.



Bonnie Fahrner, Camden, SC., driving a Flyer





Patty Stetson driving her Flyer in Montana

Juie Wilson, Smithfield, Kentucky, driving her Gypsy

Vanner to a Roadster


Mary Chris Foxworthy, MI, driving her Morgan

to a Flyer with wicker seat and dash.

Reproduction Stanhope Gig at the Florida Classic

Betsey Smith shows off her mule, "Apple Jack" to a painted Flyer

Sue Dougherty, Uxbridge, Mass, driving her Morgan

mare to a Show Cart

Marjorie Puckett, Wisconsin, with her Halflinger to a

Flyer at the Oregon Gold Driving Show


Draft size !

Patti Stetson Agnew, Montana, driving "Diego" to a Flyer

Lollyi Bryan driving her large mini, Lincsay, CA

Linda Sewell with her Morgen gelding "Surrender"

"flying" her Flyer !

Barbara Kirby driving a spindle seat Show Cart

Mary Chris Foxworthy driving "Oak-a-Motion" at the Morgan Grand Nationals in Oklahoma to an

antique wicker phaeton with a parasol top

Susan Kary at the Piedmont Driving show with

"Ebony's Golden Blaze" to a Show Cart with

woven wooden sides.

Alice Gilberson driving her Welsh pony to an

antique walnut runabout


Laurie Wilson, Ocala, Florida, with her Hackney pony to

a   Show Cart




Sue Rogers, Reading, VT, driving "Noble"

to a Spider Phaeton in the advanced pony division

at the Winchester CDE



Charlotte Blanchard and "Ben" to a Country Gig (draft size)

Chuck Crowe, Lenior City, TN, and

Marilyn Mac Farlane, Siompsonville, KY,

with his Friesian to a Spider Phaeton

One horse open sleigh...Meg, a home-bred Morgan mare

taking Eileen Growald and groom, Shelburne, Vt.

for a ride in an antique 4-passenger

Albany cutter

   Harold Ramser, Murrieta, California, driving his pair of

Morgans to a Reproduction Roof Seat Break


Ed and Rosemarny Werner at the GMHA Sleigh Rally

driving their pair to a restored antique 4-passenger

Albany cutter

Ed Reynolds driving his Arabian "Abusun" at the GMHA Wheelrunners clinic, So. Woodstock, Vt.


Barbara Boynton, Vermont, driving her antique cutter


Kathleen Conklin driving "John Henry" to a Butcher's Cart in the commercial division at the Walnut Hill Show 2010.  "John Henry" finished the show as Champion in this division.