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A 90 second sample video of the World Premiere Event:

(Click center of the dark screen above to start the video)

The Winning Springfield Vermont Video

USA Today Simpsons Hometown Challenge Video Contest

1. Original USA Today copy (and other entries)

2. ABC News copy (somewhat higher quality image)

3. BBC News copy (lowest quality)

This winning contest entry was produced by Video Visions Productions
(Alex, Tony and Cindy Campos) of Barre, Vt. and SAMSON Productions
(Tim Kavanagh) of Burlington, Vt. With assistance, support and advice
from the Vermont Film Commission; Brock Rutter, Associate Director.

Late Night Saturday with Tim Kavanagh

The Simpsons Movie World Premiere Special
Filmed on location in Springfield, Vermont

Part 1 Starts with Tim's intro of the show, 0:48 - Opening credits, 1:11 - Tim on stage with opening remarks, 1:50 - U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders, 3:50 - U S Congressman Peter Welch. Introduction Producer James L Brooks followed by a short interview. Intro Matt Groening 7:48 - interview with Matt. 10:32 Intro of movie director 10:45 - David Silverman and interview. Tim mingles with crowd 12 min 0 sec

Part 2 Starts with clip of the famous winning video, 0:42 Interview with Page McConnell, 2:09 Music from Page and the band. 6 min 27 sec

Part 3 Starts with Tim on stage talking with the crowd, 0:40 - Mike Gordon joins Page McConnell playing their version of The Simpsons theme song, with scenes of the crowd 5 min, 28 sec

Simpsons Springfield VT Videos 1

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1. Springfield, Vermont Wins!
WCAX-TV news report from the day the winner of the video contest was announced. Includes some scenes of the making of the video in June and reactions to the good news from some residents. July 10, 2007     3 min 12 sec

2. The 2 Stars Interviewed
Art Fennel of CN8, the Comcast Network, interviews Tim Kavanagh and Brock Rutter who played Homer and Bart in the video. July 25, 2007     7 min 42 sec

3. Governor's Statement
Vermont Governor Jim Douglas gets caught pigging out on frosted doughnuts just before beginning a short intro to the winning video, recorded a few days after the contest ended. July 19, 2007     2 min 6 sec

4. Premiere Day Newscast Opening
A short clip of the start of a WCAX-TV newscast on July 21, 2007     0 min 30 sec

5. Backstage at the Premiere
A clip from the CN8 TV program "Backstage with Barry Nolan" featuring entertainment reporter Tim Estiloz on location in Springfield, Vt. Includes short interview clips with Simpsons creator Matt Groening, former Phish band member Page McConnell, Top production staff members of the movie, foreign correspondents, VT tourism commissioner, and a few local residents. July 21, 2007     5 min 38 sec

6. 360 Degree View
Panning around in a complete circle showing the large crowd downtown on Premiere Day. July 21, 2007     0 min 54 sec

7. Beginning of Matt Groening's Speech
Close-up shot of Simpsons creator Matt Groening with just the beginning of his speech at the public ceremony on Premiere day including a "woo hoo!" July 21, 2007     0 min 36 sec

Simpsons Springfield VT Videos 2

Clicking on the playlist name above will play the following 9 video clips in succession automatically.
Or click on any title to play individually.

1. In Front of Theater, Premiere Day
The gathering crowd in front of the Springfield Theater with a glimpse down at the yellow carpet. July 21, 2007     0 min 43 sec

2. Mixin' It Up
Mascot for the Vermont Frost Heaves basketball team dancing at the premiere of the Simpsons Movie in Springfield, Vermont. The music was being performed live by former Phish member Page McConnell. July 21, 2007     0 min 16 sec

3. Another Look Around
A look around the crowd as Page McConnell continues to perform with the band which even gets an infant to tapping his toes to the music. July 21, 2007     0 min 43 sec

4. Cars Trucks & Buses Tune
Famous "Cars Trucks & Buses" written and performed by Page McConnell and his band at the beginning of the Yellow Carpet festival. Near the end the music morphs into his own special rendition of The Simpsons TV show theme song. July 21, 2007     3 min 0 sec

5. Politicians Speak
End of Senator Bernie Sanders speech followed by a portion of US Congressman Peter Welch remarks at the Premiere event. July 21, 2007     2 min 27 sec

6. Presentation Ceremony
Matt Groening presents a plaque to the town and Springfield's town manager Bob Forguites presents the Key to the Town to Matt. July 21, 2007     3 min 59 sec

7. Homer Look-Alike Dancing
A man built much like Homer Simpson dances to the live music wearing a full over-the-head rubber Homer mask. July 21, 2007     0 min 21 sec

8. Old Couple Dancing
The parents of Springfield's famous cartoonist/rockstar James Kochalka dance to the tune "Cars Trucks & Buses". July 21, 2007     0 min 54 sec

Where Is the Simpsons' Springfield?
ABC feature story on the 14 Springfields vying to win the title of the Simpsons' hometown. Broadcast on the evening news the day before the winner was announced.     July 9, 2007

Oregon Congressman Cries Election Fraud
Keith Olbermann summarizes Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon demands to know how his own state's nominee could have lost to a town with a population of a mere 9000.     1 min 17 sec

Out in front of the theater
For those of you who couldn't make it to Springfield Vermont July 21, here is a taste of what you missed. The big bald guy in the yellow shirt is Tim Kavanagh. He played Homer on Vermont's winning submission to the Simpsons Hometown Video Contest. Bernie Sanders Matt Groening, Richard Sakai, David Silverman are also there exiting the theater and stoping to talk with news media. Then see the VIPs leave by car. Bongo the Wonder Goat is also featured. Edited with the Simpsons TV show theme music as the only audio. (Quicktime mp4 video; Flash version available here.    1 min 38 sec

Degicank Coverage of the Premiere
A lengthy video featuring many of the sights and sounds of our big event as recorded by Degicank.com     July 21, 2007 25 min 15 sec

Live on the 6 O'Clock News
WPTZ-TV on location live broadcast from in front of the Springfield Theater on Premiere day. Includes a look back with reporter Gabrielle Komorowski in a taped report, "Why Springfield Won" which shows scenes of the winning video being filmed. Then reporter Heather Van Arsdel presents, "On the Yellow Carpet". Highlights of the day's festivities including a look around the street fair and interview clips of Matt Groening and others involved with the making of the Simpsons Movie. Then back to Gabrielle for a report on the movie itself including a quick review from Alex Campos of Barre, the 17 year old associate director and cameraman of Vermont's winning video.     July 21, 2007 6 min 11 sec

British Broadcasting Company report
The world premiere of The Simpsons Movie has taken place in the US town of Springfield, Vermont. Some movie clips followed by scenes of the premiere event. A guy with a Simpsons tatoo on his back, Matt Groening interview clip, A comment by one of the locals. A mother gets her little girl to say "doh!"     1 min 34 sec

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