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Welcome... This website is dedicated to all those who answered the casting call to appear in the Springfield Vt. entry in The Simpsons Movie Springfield Challenge video contest. When our video actually won the competition, it made our town world famous as the official hometown of the Simpsons and host of the world premiere of The Simpsons Movie. But the 200 or so supporting cast members and extras were never publicly given any of the credit for the win. They were not invited to view the movie's world premiere. Our local players deserve better recognition for their help in turning out a winning video.


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V I D E O :

This winning contest entry was produced by Video Visions Productions
(Alex, Tony and Cindy Campos) of Barre, Vt. and SAMSON Productions
(Tim Kavanagh) of Burlington, Vt. With assistance, support and advice
from the Vermont Film Commission, Brock Rutter, Associate Director.

The Simpsons Springfield Vermont Newsmakers

Mark Blanchard
A few days before the close of the video contest, this Springfield Select Board member vowed he would shave his head if Springfield Vermont won, his idea for getting people's attention to get more to make the effort to vote. Blanchard is one of the few community leaders who actually was a big Simpsons fan before this contest opportunity came along. The shaving was to have taken place publicly as part of the premiere day ceremonies but due to time constraints it was put off until the following Monday, with Julie Beauchain of the local Headquarters for Men doing the honors minus any public fanfare.

Big Pinky Doughnut Company
"Vermont's Largest Doughnut" The sign painting job done on the delivery truck looked real enough but this is only a fictitious doughnut business made up for the Springfield, Vt Simpsons video. The giant doughnut that rolled out of the truck was all too obvious a truck tire inner tube painted to look like a pink frosted doughnut with sprinkles. It was supplied by Phelps Tire Company, a local business.

Alex Campos
The young co-writer and associate director of the Springfield, Vt Simpsons Hometown Challenge Video Contest entry. Alex was only 16 years old at the time he was chosen to help come up with a winning script. He also did much of the camera work and all the video editing after the filming was complete. Alex had previously won a best screenplay award at a Castleton State College film festival. Alex is from the city of Barre in north central Vermont, the son of Tony Campos, owner of Video Visions in Barre.

Tony Campos
Owner of Video Visions in Barre, Vt, the video production company that filmed the Springfield, Vt. Simpsons video in mid-June 2007 in partnership with the Vermont Film Commission. He also appeared in the winning video as the father at the ice cream stand.

Patricia Chaffee
The Executive Vice President of the Springfield, Vt. Chamber of Commerce. Some news reports still found online erroneously give her name as Dottie Chaffee.

Duff & D'oh!Nuts
The Vermont based ice cream company Ben & Jerry's combined Homer's two favorite flavors for a one-day-only "Duff & D'oh-Nuts" ice cream they served up at the premiere. A chocolate donut flavor with a hint of stout beer. Ben & Jerry's once operated an ice cream factory locally but moved all operations to their main plant in Waterbury in 2003.

Robert Forguites
The reigning Town Manager of Springfield Vermont.

Bryana Goodrich
Owner of the Springfield Theater, she had a brief speaking part in the contest video, instantly turning an angry mob into a happy gathering.

Matt Groening
The creator of The Simpsons. Born and raised in Oregon, his first ever visit to Vermont was to attend the world premiere event. His most famous words while visiting here were, "I've never been to Springfield Vermont before.... but it's great to be home."



Doug Guy
A local author whose first book was published two months before the video contest came up. Because his book You Might Be a Vermonter If... demonstrated he was good at writing humor, Guy was asked to help come up with a funny script for the video. He is also the one who thought of enlisting Tim Kavanagh to star as Homer having appeared on Tim's talk show promoting his book only a month before. Doug's daughter Gillian played the child whose ice cream cone gets snatched away by Homer.

Mary Helen Hawthorne
She was Chairperson of the Springfield Select Board at the time of the big win, a position which made her, not the town manager, the actual chief executive officer of the Town of Springfield. Hawthorne is a 1972 graduate of William Smith College, a liberal arts school for women in Geneva, NY where she was known as "Mel". After the town became Simpsonized, someone tried sticking her with the nickname "Sideshow Mel" but it never caught on with the citizenry.

Tim Kavanagh
The man recruited to play Homer Simpson in the Springfield, Vt. Simpsons video. A professional actor, entertainer, and playwrite, Kavanagh has worked in local independent films, game shows, plays, musicals, improvisational comedy, voiceovers, and event hosting throughout New England, New York and Quebec. Some media reports referred to him as a local talk show host giving the impression he is centered in the Springfield area. Kavanagh actually lives and works 100 miles northwest of Springfield in Vermont's largest city, Burlington. Kavanagh is employed by Vermont's oldest and best known TV station WCAX-TV channel 3 as an account executive and host of Late Night Saturday, a weekly 30 minute talk-variety show spotlighting local Vermont personalities and musical talent.

Page McConnell
Keyboardist from Vermont's most famous rock band Phish, which broke up in 2004. Page performed on stage for the large crowd gathered in the bank parking lot next to the theater in the early afternoon of world premiere day. He was joined by another former Phish member, bassist Mike Gordon. Most memorable part was when they played the Phish hit "Cars Trucks Buses" followed by their own special version of The Simpsons TV show theme music.

Brock Rutter
A grown man, Rutter played 10 year old Bart Simpson in the Springfield, Vt Simpsons video. He is the Associate Director of the Vermont Film Commission located in Barre, Vt. The Vermont Film Commission is a state agency created to promote Vermont as a location for all types of film production.

Springfield Theater
The world premiere of The Simpsons Movie took place in this small 76 year old theater located in the heart of downtown Springfield in an old brick building known as the Ellis block.
It was erroneously reported in many news articles that the theater only seats 100. While it is true the theater does have a screening room that small, their main screening room where the premiere was shown seats 212. In addition, there were 4 showings that day so there are over 800 people who can truthfully say they got in for the world premiere. First showing was by invitation only, random drawings were conducted for most of the remaining seats, out of thousands of entries.
20th Century Fox completely took over the theater for the premiere and the few days preceding it through a rental agreement with the owner. They installed a brand new screen for the premiere and left it in place as a gift to the owner.




The Simpsons Postage Stamps

Postal rates went up again on May 11, 2009.   D'OH!     But on the bright side, Springfield's most famous dysfunctional family were on honored on the first 44-cent stamps. The United States Postal Service apparently were hoping The Simpsons will make the day of the price rise more amusing than annoying. Artwork for the stamps was done by Simpsons creator Matt Groening.

The Springfield Vermont Post Office celebrated by offering a special stamp cancellation on the day the stamps went on sale, Thursday May 7. A table in the lobby was set up from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. where a steady stream of customers got the special pictorial postmark available for letters mailed out that day only. The postmark shows an image of Homer in pain from dropping a bowling ball on his foot.

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