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Audio files relating to The Simpsons Movie World Premiere in Springfield, Vermont

1.  Simpsons Movie Premiere

Parker Springfield of WKNE Radio, Keene, NH at the premiere. Includes audio clips of legendary movie producer James L. Brooks, Simpsons creator Matt Greoning, and US Congressman Peter Welch.   mp3 file, 1 min 38 sec

2.   The Town Manager Speaks

Bob Forguites, town manager for Springfield, Vt., talks with American City & County's Deanna Hart about the town's designation as the official hometown of the fictional cartoon family "The Simpsons." Includes a detailed account of how the town got into the Simpsons video contest, what went on during the day of the filming, and what it was like on the day of the movie's world premiere.   mp3 file, 9 min 11 sec

3.   Spiderpig Techno Remix

Music from enVias,   mp3 file,   5 min 28 sec

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