About this Website

This non-profit website was created by and being maintained by Edwin Fransen of North Springfield, Vt. in August of 2007. The main reasons for creating it are:

1. To give some proper credit to the video volunteers mentioned above who seemed to be forgotten by the media and community leaders once our video entry was submitted and voting begun.

2. To serve as a one-stop link to all the photos, video, audio and many written materials currently on the internet related to the filming of our video, the winning of the contest and finally our big event, world premiere day of The Simpsons Movie on July 21, 2007. In time, as these files begin to be withdrawn from the internet, we hope to get permission to actually host copies here and preserve them as part of the town's history.

3. To be a source of information on the Town of Springfield, Vt. for tourists and anyone possibly interested in moving here. The Springfield Regional Chamber of Commerce already has this base covered on their website but I hope to offer additional information and links not found on their site. This will be in a separate non-Simpsons section of the website.

I will also include some Simpsons cartoon character content not related to Springfield, Vt. Images I may come across on the internet particularly amusing, interesting or different. But since there are already over 100 websites on the internet about the Simpsons run by devoted fans, I don't feel any need to spend a lot of time building one more large online collection of Simpsons images and humor.

If you experience problems or would like to email comments regarding this website, please send email to the webmaster. This website was created & optimized for monitor resolution set to 800x600 or greater.  If your resolution is set even lower than 800x600 some web pages may appear different but scroll bars should be present to allow you to scroll through the page.