Monument 3

interim report

updated 2 Feb 1997
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Physical characteristics

This is the third in the five known chain. It is the most well constructed of the five known and also the most massive. Its physical location is not on the height of land and is not in any well traveled area. It is most likely nearest the "original construction" because of this.
The dimensions are eight feet tall, and eight feet square at the base .
This is a picture taken from the south.
This picture was taken from the north east.
A large amount of the material in this structure has well formed, large, Hornblende crystals. At the south western end of the base a corner stone has a 2.5 inch wide quartz vain that is aligned at approximately 255 degrees magnetic.
The north west corner of the bottom was also interesting.
A small "rock stack" 2 feet tall, and 2 feet square at the base exists forty feet from the main monument at magnetic heading 80 degrees. On the opposing side of the main monument four feet away on a magnetic heading of 260 degree is a similar feature that is 2 feet square at the base and nearly flush to the ground. ( note this is an approx. winter solstice -- sunset alignment)
geology map of MONUMENT 3 PIC
This is a geology map of the Monument 3 area. The two targets are for the acutal Monument which is to the left and the small alignment stack that is to the right( note they are only 40 feet apart so the GPS readings for it are a little suspect due to the topo lines on map -- future visits will refine the GPS mesurements -- or maby due to some miracle the goverment will stop messing with the signals). The rocks of the monument aggree well with the geological map.
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