Monument 1

interim report

updated 2 Feb 1997
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Monument 1

Physical charestics

This is the most northern of the five as yet located monuments. It is situated on the height of land on an isolated hill. It is seven feet tall, five feet wide in the north/south dimension, and seven feet wide in the east/west dimension at the base.
The monument is not "Rectangular" in the true sense it is more ovate( a little like an football). It appears to of been layer up in a spiral fashion
There is a small stone lined "fire pit" that has a " stone lid " for the chimney opening and a lintel over the front opening to support that lid. There is evidence of a recent fire in this feature. It is located 25 feet on a magnetic heading of 154 degrees magnetic ( the iosgonigal is 15 degree plus). This feature lines up with the thickest section of the main monument.

geo map of MONUMENT 1
This is a geological map of the area. As you will note the Monument is off the edge of the map. When the Quadangle map of this area is released we will continue the plot. It is noteable that this monument is on the same geological formation as Monument 3, 4, and possibly 5. It is believed that this same formation also runs down the spine of Putney Mountain.
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