Seven Monuments Project

interim report

updated 15 May 1997
this page undergoing continuos change

This project started out many years ago when a Boy Scout hike visited three of the "Seven Monuments" surrounding the hills of Springfield Vermont. From this humble beginning some forty years ago an interest in this local legend has been in and out of my life. Sparked by interest of a friend (John Larabee) who had located two more of the "Seven" he and I are again on the trail of the "Seven". 
Four of the Five located monuments are in a straight line that stretches over approximately four miles. This straight line approximates the position of the "Shaw mountain Geological formation" that extends most of the length of Vermont. In most locations this formation is only a few inches to a few feet wide, but at this short length it is stretched around the "Chester Dome" and is seventy or more feet wide in places. The fifth monument (so called monument 2) is not in line and may or may not have a relation to the other four. A possible candidate for Monumnet 6 has been located to the east of Monumnet 4. It has a base ring two courses high and enough material surrounding it to build a full size stack. 
This interim report contains pictures of the five so far located stone monuments. The pictures shown are a trade off of size and speed. I appologize for the lack of resolution but have attempted to show maximum site detail. 
This project is attempting to use every tool available. If anyone has some tools that would/could be of used to increase knowledge we would like to hear from you. 
GPS pic 
This is the GPS unit we use for position. With the Goverments present program of confusing the signals we have a tested variation of around .12 minutes of true location. 
 kermit picis is the cessna 182 that we use. We have gotten some marginal pictures from the air and will be putting them up as time allows. Arial Photography in vermont in the fall/winter is a difficult process ( Wouldnt it be great if we were in Florida and didnt have to contend with snow and ice). 
John F. Martin v 
28 Nov 1996 

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Alingments Map 

MONUMENTalingment PIC 
This Alignment map shows the relations of the various Monuments. Some elaboration is in order. The small circles are .12 minutes in diameter ( this is an approximation of the error circle the GPS measurement taken would give). *MY HOUSE* is my house. Tree house refers to an amazing (Swiss Family Robinson type) tree house. Stell hem refers to one of the biggest hemlock trees I have ever seen that is (was) at the Stellafane complex. Old ruins refers to a subterranean berm type rock "cellar hole" that has a tree in the middle of it that is estimated to be between 160 - 170 years old ( note this stone works does not show up on maps of the era that show individual houses). Miller Art Center stone chamber refers to the stone chamber there. These markers are on another "ley energy" line I am exploring at this time that appears to run through my house. 
Mt. Ephraim refers to the location of monument 4 . Pudding hill Oak refers to the interesting formation that is at a position we believe a monument *should be*. 
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